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Car sharing employs more than 500 people


The company, which is engaged in transport vehicles, has already created at least 574 jobs. According to a survey conducted by Money Living, the number of operators who have a lot of subcontract workers, or work only from time to time, by default. Company "Exchange scooters" – those who work more people than cars and bicycles.

Among the largest employers – Germaniyayski circle, which employs 220 full-time employees to 11 cities in Portugal. It's worth the Hive, with 90 operatives, only to Lisbon. In Lima, the division between capital and Coimbra, have 75 workers, 10 storey, seven wind, and the second – six people. full-timeAs well as Bungo.

In the Jump bike universe Uber, employs 75 workers.

The motorcycles and cars is less than the team. The Cooltra team responsible for eCooltra, 45 people are employed, and Acciona Mobility 10 employees. In cars Share Now (previously DriveNow) has 19 employees and 11 Emov.

Already Hertz, a company engaged in car rental, which has 300 people in Portugal, "has a team dedicated 24/7 exchange service car city".

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There are several types of communication between employees and these companies. For example, in the Lime and Voi, there are people who work alone every day, depending on the number of scooters that you need to collect.

Briefs Bungo collected and loaded officers paragraphs cameras and Paços de Ferreira Freamunde.

Despite the majority of their employees with permanent contracts, in Circ also have "contracts with fixed terms and services to provide services", – says Rui Carvalho, head of the department.

Details: Portugal is already online job platforms such as Uber, Airbnb, etc.

This model links "are increasingly approaching the logic economy concertThat creates a lot of flexibility for the relationship between the company and the employee, "- emphasizes Andre Valaverde, company consultant Hays Human Resources.

Very short-term work, "however, leaves some of the risks on the part of the professional side, especially when the potential slowing of the economy."

When you create a new transport platform concepts do not create new jobs. "They adapt old jobs to new realities of the XXI century, to quickly and efficiently meet the needs of customers," – said the expert.

By the end of this edition Cash Live did not get a response from the company, which together with the scooters and Bird Frog.

Shares in 14 cities

Almada, Cascais, Coimbra, Faro, Figueira da Foz, Fremyunde, Gaia, Gondomar, Lisbon, Maya, Matosinyus, Eeyras, mischief-de Ferreira and Portimao – 14 cities, with a common car.

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