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Facebook starts flirting tool in Brazil: Meet Dating – Technology


Forget messages are lost in the Messenger and pushing inconvenient to attract attention. Now there is a much easier way to do that Facebook crush notice. On Tuesday (30) social network launched in Brazil – and in 13 other countries – Introduction, its own platform opposed to give you time forcinha flirting.

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Woman stirring in the phone via Facebook Dating

Now it will be easier to talk crush on Facebook and show interest in the Introduction

The function will operate as a separate profile in one application facebook
, The idea is that it makes it easier to bring together people who want to know, and to facilitate the start of negotiations on the basis of the preferences and interests of users.

"Over 200 million people have their relationship status as a single on Facebook. We see this as an incredible opportunity to continue to help people to build meaningful relationships on Facebook, »says manager Facebook Product Introduction, Charmaine Hung.

The company also said that "the tinder Facebook» is a feature that is only available for more than 18 years. With the release, as a whole, subsidy
It is now available in 19 countries and will be released gradually in Brazil, operating IOS and Android systems.

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How Will Facebook Meet?

Facebook interface Introduction
Press Release / Search

Getting facebook

All you need to know about your new crush platform.

  • Private Facebook profile: This is the space, on the contrary only flirting in the Facebook application. But relax, your activity on dates will not be shared to your social network profile or feed, or anyone else.
  • To find people with common interests: There you can see suggestions based on people's preferences, interests, and activities that will help you to contact those who may have something in common.
  • Control Protection: You control who can see your profile flirting app
    "We want to make sure that people have a real conversation in love, so that the profiles are connected. However, only the profiles offered to you and the people you will look like a sentence can see your profile on a date, "explains the company. In addition, you can change your privacy settings so you can see only people who do not have friends in common. If you feel uncomfortable, you can report or block anyone at any time.
  • Starting a conversation: If you find someone you want to start a conversation, just click the "I'm interested." You can send the same message to that person. And if there is no response, so that you can continue to interact with him only through text messages.
  • Enable the option to include events and groups to see other people who have chosen this option in the Introduction: you can choose to see others who have the same benefits Events and Groups You. If you choose to enable this option, others who have chosen to be able to see.

new opportunities

new function interface "crush =" Crush "secret =" secret "=" to "facebook =" "love =" Facebook Dating

Getting facebook

  • Crush Secret: Using this feature, people will be able to explore the potential relationship in your own circle of friends. By choosing this option, you can select up to nine of your friends on Facebook. If the crush add to the list of secret loves, will match. But if the person you love is not indicated crushing, entirely destroy the secret to create a list or put you on the list – do not worry! If the interest is not mutual, no one will know that you put your username in the list.
  • security tool – geodata in real-time: Users can choose to share their plans and real-time location directly with a friend or family member of the & # 39; and on Facebook for Dating via Messenger.

Create a profile on the dating

To create a partition on a date, download the latest version of the Facebook application. Then go to "Advanced" and find the heart symbol. From there, create a profile, adding photos and select the preference relation.

The news was announced during the F8 developer conference, where facebook
He also talked about the news on Instagram
– among them, the study of the end of counting loves the new camera and the "free market."

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