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CConsidering that the symptoms may only appear at a later stage, diabetes accounts for around 6.2% of the Brazilian population, of which 39.5% are older than 65 years.

But how can we maintain the sweetness of the lives of these people, because they cannot consume sugar?

According to nutritionist Iara Pasqua, low-calorie sweeteners can be used in diabetic diets, because there is scientific evidence that they can contribute positively to prevention of obesity, control of diabetes, however. number directed by specialists. Therefore, this highlights under 5 of these sugar substitutes.

1. Aspartame: Its sweetening power is up to 200 times higher than sugar, has no calories, and its consumption is released for diabetics. However, aspartame is banned in Europe because of its carcinogenic potential.

2. Sucralose: Extracted from sugar cane and modified to not be absorbed by the body, it feels close to sugar, contains no calories, does not change glycemia and its use is indicated for diabetics.

3. Stevia: Derived from the leaves of stevia plants native to Central and South America, Stevia is free of calories and has little or no impact on blood sugar, making it an excellent sugar substitute for diabetics.

Acesulfame K: It has sweet power 180 times higher than sugar, free of calories, not metabolized by the body and eliminated by urine.

5. Saccharin: This is the first sweetener found, having no calories and sweetening power 500 times higher than sugar, leaving a bitter taste after being digested in high concentrations. The only limitation with saccharin is for pregnant women.

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