GNR arrested 14 suspects for pet theft on orders in Lisbon – Pas


The `Sintra Transformers` police operation took place on Monday in Lisbon, Sintra, Amadora, Odivelas and Alverca, with 40 searches, 14 of which were domicile, five non-domicile (workshops and backfill) and 21 vehicles.

The actions of the suspects covered the Greater Lisbon area and, following the efforts made by the Sintra detachment from GNR, 14 men, aged between 19 and 45 years, of whom 13 were convicted of criminal acts of eligible robbery (one in flagrante delicto) and one for possession of narcotics.

The operation was the culmination of a seven-month investigation with the 4th part of the Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Investigation and Criminal Action Department (DIAP) of the West Lisbon District Court in Sintra, which "is intended for the practice of crime crimes, quality theft, prescriptions , vehicle addiction and document falsification, "explained GNR.

"The group went on to demolish vehicles, sell pieces to complete the modified cars used in illegal races, in the Lisbon district", added in a statement, police, involving 236 personnel in operations and supported by Police from Public Security.

As a result of the search, seventeen light vehicles, four motorbikes, 78 parts (including eight "central units" and two diagnostic devices) were confiscated, 20 car documents and 13 wheels with tires.

The military also seized 30 doses of hashish, firearms, five white weapons, 46 cellphones, five portable and three `tablets' and 980 euros in cash.

According to the GNR, there were also 17 environmental disputes in the amount of more than 51 thousand euros, including six for potentially dangerous dog ownership, two due to lack of dog registration and two due to lack of permission to use buildings or infrastructure.

Among the errors listed were two because they did not comply with waste registration, two for maintenance of end-of-life vehicles without licenses, one for not meeting the final destination of waste, one for lack of rabies canid vaccination and one for disposal of oil in the soil.

The 14 detainees have "most" criminal records, are related to the same type of crime, and will attend today at the Lisbon West District Court – Sintra.


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