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Greyhound Osorio classified risks in the Portuguese economy – Economic Journal


"The country as a whole is to reduce the public debt, but also the general duty," said the banker, in a meeting organized by the CDS-PP, in Lisbon, which ended "the Listen Portugal" initiative.

In the first minute, Horthy Osorio showed graphs on Gare Maritime screen TV Conde Obidos Rock said that "Portugal is much recovered," the crisis of recent years, including a reduction in the unemployment rate.

Although he also warned that the country grown more economically than in countries such as Spain or Greece.

However, keep in mind you may have to reduce the public debt, which today is still very high Addressing the audience, which had been the leader of the CCF, Asuncion crests, and his predecessor, Paulo port, among the leaders, members and supporters of the party.

Then he warned of the risks faced by the country, including the problem of bad debts, at a high level, and the total debt of the country, rather than increase – 265% in 2007 to 293% of GDP in the third quarter of 2018.

The most difficult task of the & # 39 is the same population, according to Antonio Horta Osorio, as if nothing is done, the population of Portugal will drop to the level of the 1960s.

"The problem is very important intergenerational and non-partisan," he said.

In order to try to solve the problem of demography, chairman of Lloyds Bank said three scenarios, starting with an increase in the birth rate, which takes a long time to lure back young people who have left the country and attract foreign national other than tax incentives for example, buying a home.

The cycle of debates "Listen to Portugal", started almost half a year, and 18 decentralized districts and two autonomous regions, which were delivered more than 100 people, currently results in a "120 innovative proposals," according to a statement centrists.

These proposals will be submitted to the coordinator CDS-PP election program in Mesquite Adolfo Nunez, who resigned from the vice-president of the party and one of the speakers at the meeting today, intervening to Asuncion ranges.

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