Wednesday , August 4 2021

In Silves to the conversation … with João Lagarto – Jornal on online Região Sul

João Lagarto will be in Silves on November 9 at 9:30 a.m., where he will be a guest from the "To speak with …" section, promoted by the Silves City Library. Initiative, from the free entrance, integrates the IV Theater Law Act.

Therefore, it will be a sermon where, in an informal atmosphere and conversation, the public will be able to learn more about this actor and director who has a great passion for theater.

From his career in the art world, he was featured in the magazine "Uma na Carnaval in Dictatorship", where he made his debut after completing his acting training course at the National Conservatory in 1974. Despite his great enthusiasm for theater, he also devoted himself to film, where he made more than three dozen films. In the television world he has presented several programs and become actors in various telenovela and series.

Phone 282 440 899 and email address [email protected] is a BMS contact to provide additional information about this activity.

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