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Isabela Valadeiro see SIC their salary twice – TV


The actress will earn five thousand euros a month at the station of Paco de Arcos, about twice that earned in TVI. Although he made only two novels, "The Heiress" and "the value of life," Isabelle Valadeiro, 22, was not indifferent and challenged channels.

"The proposal was certain. She received from 2500 to 3000 and, in addition, the problem with the & # 39 is exciting," said a source in the Cabinet. It is worth mentioning that the actress announced her retirement to the KSU on Friday. "I've changed a lot in my life, I moved house, I moved to the city, I changed my boyfriend and I moved because I believed that the change to grow. Accordingly, I moved to the Constitutional Court. back nostalgia, take me a lot of excitement and anticipation of a new love "she wrote the actress in the publishing legend.

According to CMS, the actress will join the cast of the new section of the NDC, «Sal moon." However, supporters of the actress can still continue to see in the TVI, from Monday to Saturday, in the cost of living ", whose record ended in January.

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