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Parana confirmed three deaths from dengue fever; Now there are eight


Ministry of Health Epidemiological Bulletin, the official data of dengue, register now three cases of confirmed deaths from the disease in the municipalities of Londrina, Maringa and Cascavel. They are now eight deaths from dengue in Parana. Previous records in Londrina were confirmed 4 cases and Cascavel, 1 case.

"The Ministry of Health maintains its guidance for routine preventive measures as well as technical work with the municipalities," Secretary Bob Black said. "But the key work in this time of every citizen, while retaining their own home, free from stains and reproduction; it is our mission in the face of the severity of dengue; Alerts for each community, in every city and in every district, "the Secretary added.

Transmitted Diseases Section for vectors, the Secretariat facilitated courses and lectures on the clinical management of dengue fever in the 11 health districts covering the municipalities with the highest reported cases in 1870 and reached the doctors and nurses of the municipal and private care networks.
Next week, the Secretariat will make the study in Irati Health District, Paranavai, Telemaco Borba and Jacarezinho.
Including fever, dengue – a 4970 confirmed cases in Paran√°, with 779 cases more than last week. Of this number, 4782 to & # 39 are indigenous or have been concluded in the town where people live, and 188 cases are considered to be imported, which means that a person caught dengue outside of the city where you live.

Weekly report also shows an increase in the number of municipalities with confirmed cases: they were 170 and 181 are now alert and cases under investigation were recorded in 319 cities.

This refers to – Cities with the highest number of confirmed cases of Londrina, 762, Iguazu Falls, with 431 and Japura with a secret in the risk of epidemics 338. 78 municipal districts.
"Remind the people again, that the elimination of mosquito foci with & # 39 is the main way to fight dengue fever; NO attention Aedes aegypti NO SUR & # 39; oznaga disease, and therefore the importance of involving the whole society in order to prevent, "said Dr. Eneas Cordeiro de Souza Filho, sector diseases transmitted by vectors of the Department of Health.

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