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Rangel asks "strong victory" in Europe to "after winning the regional"


"Paulo Rangel with & # 39; is a member of the Madeira, will never be able to give a hand when asked who was supposed to protect fisheries, tourism IBC,» said Claudia Monteiro de Aguiar, dinner-meeting, attended by hundreds of militants SDP-M.

Madeiran candidate with the & # 39; is the sixth in the list headed by Rangel, recalled in a day's work today was in Madeira and highlighting the most important areas for action in Epe, such as transport, tourism and fisheries.

On the PS of the head to the list of Pedro Marques, former Infrastructure Minister, said it was "the greatest enemy of Madeira in transport."

Before the applause of the audience, he said that the party is ready for the first victory of the year on 26 May.

"I am fully committed, engaged in body and soul with this European company," he said Paulo Rangel has, that was a long day surpeeendido a large mobilization of the party.

"JMP is to win the European and thereby use the victory in the regional. Rely on us for the regional elections, with the support of 100%. "

Rangel told a different area of ​​intervention in the European Parliament, but has not forgotten Portuguese society in Venezuela and said that "there is no comparison between the work of the regional government does Miguel Albuquerque, which makes the national government."

About Claudia Aguilar, there is no doubt that it was the MEP killed the legislature and is recognized by his colleagues "as the most competent EP», in areas such as tourism, blue Economy and Transport.

PS was mainly about the & # 39; the object of criticism, especially as the government has betrayed António Costa Madeira.

"Someone has to say to Homeroom and Mr Costa, that is not a method for treating wood," says Paulo Rangel believes that the choice of Pedro Marques head to the PS list real "insult" in Madeira.

In the elections this year, no doubt in the fact that Madeira is at stake is "a choice between those who defend the interests of Portugal and Madeira and those who only think about the power of the authorities"

May 26 Rangel calls "a strong signal, a reliable, strong, and the signal from the & # 39 is an important victory for the PSD to Europe after winning the regional."

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