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Residents Seixal put the state to court to protect the environment – Urgency


"We have approved some actions that do not require approval, but we feel that we need to explain what and why," said a resident of the area Seixal Joao Carlos Pereira, at the end of the meeting the residents this weekend in RMI 5 October, about 100 people, to solve the problem of environmental pollution in the area.

"The political and the central government has done everything that you do not understand that this is the reality, because the first steelmaking [Nacional] may not even be here, on the other side of the road, where they live 15,000 people, "said João Carlos Pereira, pointing out that at the meeting of residents decided to" constitute a group in the association, because more work easier and allows a broader framework action "

On the other hand, the residents decided to also measure air quality: "We will we advance the measurement of atmospheric particles, because we doubt the measurement, which are represented by the Portuguese Association of Environmental Protection and Megasa, and others, which are awarded to the camera 'representative folds.

"We will make the measurement of the period and the place that we realize convenient, because now they realize that these measurements are only done when it is necessary to bleach Steel operations, which are made at a convenient time, or when it is almost not moving for planning reasons or in the preparation of inspections or something, "he added.

Association, João Carlos Pereira argues that "completely non-partisan," intends to fight pollution, published by the National Steel, owned by the Spanish group Megasa, which residents say is harmful to health.

"Another proof of what ails the political power to the & # 39 is the company's financial condition, rather than public health is that every time there is more excitement, the municipality and the government to respond if there is more excitement and game media, he responds, "he said.

At a meeting this weekend described another step in the fight against pollution residents launched the National Steel.

Earth Association slow death, the Savior established law firm, put a lawsuit against the Seixal plant (Setúbal district), requiring the immediate suspension of operations and 500 million euros for the creation of a fund to improve air quality.

According to the Council of Seixal, with the beginning of the year that the cars and Palo Pires houses were covered with white powder, difficult to leave, but since 2014, there is a black powder.

The Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of Lisbon and Tagus Valley (CCDR-LVT) reported that the air quality station Palo Bali recorded since the beginning of the year until February 5, 14 exceedances of the value of the border daily inhaled particles.

Already the General Inspectorate of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Spatial Planning determines that the conditions for the environmental permit.

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