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Sao Paulo confirmed one more imported case of measles


City Department of Health confirmed on Monday, 29 entries in this city, three confirmed cases of measles, all of them imported, that is, the infection took place outside the city.

By folder, infections have been diagnosed in the capital, but have occurred in Norway, Israel and the approaching ships from Malta. The risk is that the infected patients outside the country to start the internal network. Most individuals susceptible children under the age of one year, which still can not be vaccinated, and people who did not take the vaccine.

As shown by the newspaper O Estado-de São PauloThe first case was approved in late March. Prior to that, the city was in 2015 without registration of cases.

Besides the three confirmed infections, the department is investigating another 80 suspected notifications. Even before the confirmation, the vaccine technique observation locking action to prevent infections.

In these activities, the municipal officials are looking for unvaccinated people within a radius of eight blocks around the body, so that everything is correct immunization.

This search can also be carried out in places frequented by the patient, such as schools, kindergartens and shops. Ministry of Health and the recommendation procedure should be carried out throughout the country.

Measles can be prevented by the MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, mumps and rubella, and provided free of charge by the Unified Health System (SUS).

The vaccination schedule consists of two doses, one to 12 months, and the second for 15 months. For those who have not been vaccinated in the childhood immunization or are not sure, seek advice clinic and receive two doses. At the age of 30 years, only one dose is indicated.

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What are the symptoms?

Measles symptoms include a high temperature above 38,5 ° C; rash (red skin rash); cough; runny nose; con & # 39; yuktyvit and white spots, and they & # 39; appear within 1 to 2 days on the oral mucosa to with & # 39; rash.

Measles can kill?

Yes. Infectious Complications of measles can be fatal, especially in malnourished children and children under the age of one year.

What form of prevention?

As this is an extremely contagious disease, the only way to prevent it through vaccination, which should be applied in two doses: one at 12 months and the second 15 months.

Who should get vaccinated?

The first dose should be given to children 12 months. Second, for children up to 15 months (1 year and 3 months). Pregnant women, children under the age of 6 months and immunodeficiency should not receive the dose. Pregnant women should wait to get vaccinated after delivery.

Adults are free from disease?

No. And 30 years in adults should be particularly wary of the track. This is because in the past, vaccination was given for 9 months, and only one dose. Thus, they should go to the health service to update the booklet of vaccination.

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