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Surviving warn about life post-stroke


National Day of the Sick points running until March 31,

AVC Portugal – Union Survivors, relatives and friends of the notification to the current situation in the living survivors of stroke (stroke), especially after discharge. National Day of the patient indicates the stroke of 31 March.

According to António Conceição, president of the association "need to change the paradigm of neglect from the stage after the stroke. Continuity and quality of rehabilitation should not be viewed simply as the National Health Service expenditure but as an investment with a return. "

He adds: "It is a fact that can make the difference between having a citizen and an active participant, or more burden on social security with increasing complications, additional costs for the state, and lower quality of life."

Stroke, about 25 thousand hospitalization episodes per year, with & # 39 is the leading cause of death, but also the failure of the first to argue in Portugal, reaching all ages. Among the many possible complications with the & # 39 are the physical and the engine (the most prominent), but also the effect of coupling capacitance in cognitive, psychological, view, among others.

"It is important that the rehabilitation, on the one hand, the rapid, timely and without pre-established time limits, and on the other hand, there is all as a diversified, so it may require the intervention of various medical and therapeutic specialties, and each case", said António Conceição .

The members of the Union would also like to draw attention to the difficulty in obtaining support for products that are often rehabilitation means and tools to improve the quality of life. "It is unfortunate that the recipe must adhere to complicated bureaucratic process, taking into account the situation of a very limited budget, and that, at best, only after many months of carried out, generating delays are often irreversible. Using a comparison, I would say that the recovery or support of these products were just drugs or diagnostic tools, it would have been easier multo, straight from the recipe, "concludes the president of the association.

AVC Portugal will hold a meeting on April 13, in Lisbon to discuss the question of overcoming a stroke. This initiative aims to stroke survivors, family members & # 39; and, educators, health professionals and other stakeholders. The program is available at:

Portugal AVC – Union of Survivors, some & # 39; and friends and try to promote initiatives aimed, on the one hand, contribute to the prevention of cerebrovascular accident and its consequences, in order to minimize the morbidity and mortality associated with it, and on the other hand, contribute to meeting the needs of They are facing stroke patients, seven of them & # 39; advertisements and caregivers across the country.

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