Tuesday , August 3 2021

Ten cases of measles confirmed in the Lisbon region. Two outbreaks | health

General Directorate for Health (DGS) said on Wednesday that it was recorded 14 cases of measles since the beginning of the month, ten of which were confirmed by the National Institute of Health Dr. Ricardo Jorge.

Cases have been reported in the Lisbon and Tagus Valley. These are two separate flash, "as originating in the event of illness, imported from Europe," said DGS in a statement.

So far, all cases detected relating to adults, one of whom was hospitalized and clinically stable.

It is, at present, less flash than the one found in February of this year. From this period until June there were 112 confirmed cases of measles, of which 107 inhabitants in the north, two and three in the central zone in the region of Lisbon and Tagus Valley.

Which began at the beginning of the year did not have the characteristics of a classic flare. The population affected by the outbreak were vaccinated and it was a disease "is very changed, very thin, with almost zero risk of transmission," said the Director General of Health, Grass Freitas, in an interview with & # 39; th August Publico.

In April 2017, the death of the young age of 17, after a bilateral pneumonia, was the first for many years, caused by measles. The teenager was not vaccinated.

A disease that has been virtually eliminated in Portugal since 1994, and the removal of which has been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), in the summer of 2016, now with the & # 39; being in Europe because of the parents who do not want their children vaccinated. While there are some "movement indecision" in Grass Freitas said, with Portugal & # 39 is one of the European countries with the highest two doses of vaccine.

However, death from measles again put the highly contagious disease on the agenda, the reopening of vaccination issues. At that time, the then Director General of Health, Francisco George, called on the population to trust in science.

Among the voices of the critics choice not to vaccinate children's pediatrician Mario Cordeiro, who laments the neglect of parents who do not vaccinate their children, believing that they should bear the consequences of their actions.

measles symptoms

In describing the symptoms of the disease, the DGS said that the measles virus is spread by direct contact with infectious droplets or spread through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Patients are considered contagious from four days before to four days after a & # 39; rash.

Symptoms usually & # 39 are ten and 12 days after a person is infected, and usually begins with a fever, rash (progressing from the head to the trunk and lower limbs), cough, con & # 39; yuktyvitu and allocation with the nose.

Department of Health recommends vaccination of all persons traveling or participating in international events. The vaccine is free and included in the National Immunization Program of the National Health Service.

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