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"Thank you for saving me, Teresa" – TV


The singer made a statement this afternoon about the love of the father of their children, Diogo Clemente. This is not the first time that you do. In fact, there are several times that Carolina Deslandes seeks to share with the followers of the importance that the guy has in his life. And this Saturday, before taking the stage of the Coliseum, the singer left a very special message to her the most.

"You saw me a little, and believed that the artist. You said it so many times that made me believe, too. You are always on my side, often without doors in the spotlight, always greet me and support me. Always get up when I fall down, "he began to write.

"You are more than love, you are my soul and the soul of our house. Thank you for my Teresa rescued. These three nights are dedicated to you. If I knew that abode God sent her flowers every day with tickets to be thankful that you brought, "ends.

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