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Tinder is already out of the Android Play store, not to pay Google 30%.


app stores such as Google Play Store, with & # 39 are the demonstrations, where developers present their work and provide them to users. They are also & # 39 are the safest and most direct way to access to upgrades and additional services.

Of course, in the case of paid apps or services, shops charge a percentage. To avoid this point of view, Tinder began to request the payments directly into your application, avoiding the amount levied Android.

Tinder Android in Google Play Store

Anyone who uses Tinder paid services, notes that in this service to any further additions to the Play store. All additional services that were previously paid for Play Store, are now managed within the application itself or in the pages of the service.

They are not so much, but Tinder additional options to provide users with additional information about you and your potential partners. Therefore, they are interesting and one of the greatest sources of income.

With this responsibility usually wants to Match Group, the creator of this service, to empower. The simplest and easiest way is to get rid of Google and Android. Thus they avoid 30% of earnings.

Tinder Android in Google Play Store

It is not surprising that users are now available to purchase additional services directly to the Tinder on your home site. They can still do in the Play store, but ideally they should do it in a new form.

Tinder is now going on the road and its epic Fortnite. The company decided not to deploy their game in the Play store and Google does not pay for any sum. This caused a security problem, but the truth is that it was the only way to get access to the game.

In this case the solution is to keep the Tinder in the Android store and transfer payments to the site. This is similar to what Spotify did with Apple's iOS. Google has not commented on the new solution Tindera creators.

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