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Walls of flame caused panic in the villages in the center of the country – Portugal


Four fire explosions that ripped almost in a straight line after 20 minutes, left the fire and loud residents Saturday afternoon in the CEPT, Villa de Rei and Aleyras, in the district of Castello Branco, in which there was a fire in the urine (Santarem ) where Kardygos was one of the villages, and river beaches evacuated flame "impossible to stop" and "breed on several fronts."

Eight firefighters were injured, as well as popular verses of & # 39; ozna injured trying to fight the fire. In the morning this morning more than 1,000 operatives fought the fire, which has mobilized 13 air assets – and others were on the way.

Two fires, which were shot in County CERT, has prevailed. After the fire in the mosque of St. James, Várzea dos Kavaleyras, at 4:45 am, was given as the dominant, ANEPC noted that the same thing had happened to Roland, at 4:45. In San Tyyaga monastery at 5:10 preserved 114 operational and 30 land, and left 266 operational and 81 facility in Roland.

Already fire in Villa de Rey, who is still in the area of ​​Castello Branco, with & # 39; is that includes more elements in the fight against fire, 789, 237 supported on the ground.

Monday night panic happened in Varese and Tagus Urry (Vila de Rei). Flames emerged and have already approached the annexations and popular they are lit "a fire already in the gardens." One resident was burned. With the owner of the aircraft has been linked GNR. She was a refugee from the local association.

The fire, which has mobilized more funds began at 14:50 in the funda County, Villa de Rei, they had more than 500 firefighters, supported by more than 150 vehicles and four air vehicles. At the same time, in Raleigh, SERT, another fire had mobilized more than 270 people and nine of aircraft. This is where firefighters were injured. Home threatened fire and panicked residents. Popular with hoses and machines helped as much as possible. Even the pool water bodies help control the fury of the flames.

"It was a very complicated watch, the fire from all sides and surrounded by the countryside It seems to me that it was a fire." – he said. CM villager Kastaneyru Grande CERT. The day was very hot, with wind gusts of almost 50 kilometers per hour.

At 15:01 and 15:11 with a & # 39 new warnings appeared to Katahdin villages (Sertã) and Azinheira (Oleiros), which made funds available to distribute to different places and require reinforcements elsewhere.

Fires interact with each other
"We are talking about several fires within the same geographic region, which interact with each other", – said Alexander Penha civil defense, not giving any guarantees, when the flame is dominant.

"Great location"
"It will be a hard night," he complained. CM Vasco Estrela, Chamber President Mação, reports of fire-stricken municipalities. The armed forces have mobilized in Vila de Rei, four road cars for the opening of roads to fires.

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