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Among the best phones available in the market – News sources


best iPhone

Best iPhone is not out of & # 39; is neither the largest nor the most expensive. XS medium size, with a diagonal of 5.8 inches thin, and has a very good performance, so that it offers the best value for money Apple phones.

Face Recognition Face ID System & # 39 is the best on the market, dual camera system is very good, as the CPU Bionic A12. You can also manage your smartphone gestures.

A useful feature to & # 39 is the fact that Apple provides XS updates for five years, which means two years more than any other brand. Phone behind glass and metal edges, design is one of luxury.

The biggest drawback to the & # 39 is the price: it cost 5,000 lei. All weaknesses and battery life (less one day) and weaker ability to function properly if mobile data is enabled.

iPhone XS is equipped with wireless charging and fast charging technology.

  • Price free 5.000 lei
  • Why buy if you want the best iPhone
  • Why not buy him, however, it is worth as much as half a used car

best android

Pixel 3 Google looks good, but the design is not as modern as its competitors, especially not on the screen occupies the entire front.

The backrest is made of glass, but the scratch and dirty lighter than the phones mentioned above. However, the phone can be easily operated with one hand and Full HD-display has a diagonal of 5.5 inches and OLED technology.

According to the source, you buy Pixel 3 software. Developed by the Google, you have a pure Android OS, and therefore, does not apply to any interface, complicating the user experience.

Of functions, such as smart-Compose Gmail and software is much better and much cleaner than any other. Perhaps equally important, the Google with the & # 39 is the first update of its Android phones.

Despite the fact that there is only one room in the back, it does its job very well: the zoom mode and phone mode portrait, almost not inferior to their systems with two or three rooms.

In addition, the phone has very good pictures in the night mode Nigh Sight. In fact, the only one who was better in low light conditions Matthew 20 Pro.

In general, the smartphone is very good, but you leave the battery in about 18-20 hours of use. 3 pixel wireless charger.

  • Cost free: 3250 lei
  • Why buy: If you want the best Android experience on the phone less
  • Why not buy it: If you want to keep you longer battery

Best value for money

If you have a small budget, but still want to have the top of the phone, if OnePlus 6T with & # 39 is the best option.

It has advanced OLED display with a diagonal of HD resolution and 6.41 inches. A "extract" as a small window Svetlitsa houses. Telephone made of metal and glass.

Processor good 6 GB of RAM has a capacity of 128 GB, and the battery lasts 30 hours.

Oxygen OS interface provides the experience is not as clean as Pixel, but it's better than any Samsung phone.

A fingerprint sensor built into the display, and it works very well. The biggest drawback to the & # 39 is a room that does not impress. In addition, it is not out & # 39 is waterproof and can not be charged without wires.

  • Cost free 2850 lei
  • Why buy: If you do not want to give 3,000 lei to the phone
  • Why not buy it: If you want the camera performance

Other top phones

Apple, iPhone XR
Apple, iPhone XS Max
Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Huawei Mate Pro 20
honor View20
Google Pixel 3 XL
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

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