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Cinema Autumn La: Top 10 most anticipated films


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If you have the impression that in the late summer cinemas have exhausted their good films, I am sure that these 10 names will change their minds. This is the most anticipated films of autumn:

IT: Chapter 2 (September 6)

Fall films 2019
Bill Skarsgård in the role of a clown Pennywise / Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

The autumn season begins in force,
with the second part of the most successful horror film of all time, based
on the novel by Stephen King.

Almost 30 years after
Children of Dery won clown Pennywise (Bill Skarsgard), the face
evil awakes from hibernation and again threatened the small town. formed
Now, adults in all spheres, "Rates Club" to meet
to finish his monster score well.

Ad Astra (September 20)

Fall films 2019
Official post / Photo: Walt Disney Studio

This promising SF adheres astronaut Roy McBride (Brad Pitt), who goes to the periphery of our solar system. He goes by the stars to find his father (Tommy Lee Jones), who went to look for aliens and has never returned.

Roy journey takes an unexpected turn, the researcher reveals the secrets that make him re-evaluate the whole existence of mankind.

Rambo V: LATEST blood / Last Stand (20

Fall films 2019
Sylvester Stallone as Rambo / Photo: Lionsgate

37 years after the original franchise, "Rambo" is coming to an end.

Sylvester Stallone again peravvasablyae teeth as a hero John Rambo, who this time declares war with the Mexican cartel. Traders kidnapped the daughter of a friend, and a prototype of an American soldier is not going to leave them unpunished.

Joker (4 October)

Fall films 2019
Joaquin Phoenix in the role of The Joker / Photo: Warner Bros. photographs

The only superhero film, which we expect this fall, not even focused on superheroes, but only to a dead enemy.

Anthony Batman Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) is initially fascinated comedian, but the asshole in the middle of the car & # 39; EASURES leads him to a mental decay.

Unsuccessful artist will no longer try to snatch laughter from the crowd, but the screaming horror metamorphosis legendary villain.

Gemini Man / Gemini: Conspiracy (11 October)

Fall films 2019
Will Smith and Will Smith / Photo: Paramount Pictures

Veteran-killer, which involved Will Smith, awaken your clone is younger than 25 years.

The Doubletree also played by Will Smith, amazingly excited by digital techniques, and an epic encounter between him and most of the & # 39; presents itself as the first step to solving the conspiracy, which makes your mind to stand.

Zombieland 2 (25 October)

Fall films 2019
Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harelsan / Photo: Sony Pictures Release

One of the most hilarious black comedy "Zombieland" was continued, which fans expect 10 years.

Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelsan, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin and Bill Murray is at risk in the world, destroyed the zombies, but being developed at the same time and announced new challenges for gay heterogeneous band of survivors.

Ford v Ferrari / Grand Challenge: Le Mans 66 (Nov. 15)

Fall films 2019
Christian Bale / Photo: Film Corporation of the twentieth century.

One of the most promising
the name of the Year "Ford vs. Ferrari" tells the true story concept
Famous Ford GT40, a model with which the American builder wrote history
race at Le Mans in 1966.

Engineer Carol Shelbi (Matt
Damon), driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale) and president of Ford Motor Company,
Do Jaakko (Jon Bernthal) on the & # 39; joins forces to remove the Ferrari in the world
racing car in this biographical drama, which was signed by James Mangold.

Doctor Sleep (22 November)

Fall films 2019
Ewan McGregor repradukvav known frame with Jack Nicholson from «The Shining" / Photo: Warner Bros. photographs

Extraordinary Mike Flanagan, perhaps the best film of our time in terror, gave us a continuation of the classic story.

Twenty years after the terrible events of "The Shining" Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor) finds a little girl with the same psychic powers as his.

Due to the mental connection between them, Danny learns that the path of the little girl, he created a group of immortal humans who eat "shine" the victims to preserve their eternal youth.

Frozen 2 / Kingdom ice 2 (Nov. 22)

Fall films 2019
Official poster / photo: Walt Disney Studios

Best animated film of all time "Frozen" also stands second in the fall.

Ice Kingdom again threatened mystical powers, so Elsa, Anna, Krystaff, Olaf and Sven are prepared in a magical forest, which is looking for the perfect solution. There is a source of strength Elsa that heroes have to understand in order to save her kingdom.

Knives (29 November)

Fall films 2019
The genius of Toni Collette in "Knives Out" / Photo: Lionsgate

On paper, the premise of this "criminal" does not promise a lot of comedy: a detective investigating the death of a suspect eccentric head of the family & # 39; and whose members hate each other.

Instead of distributing
I can not imagine that he would do anything, but to give us: Chris Evans,
Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, Toni Collette, Michael Shannon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Christopher
Plummer and Frank Oz will be on the big screen.

It remains only to find out when the director Rihanna Johnson, who scored a franchise of "Star Wars", will be here more inspired sense of humor.

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