(DOCUMENT) Evidence of the relationship between Augustine Lazar and the cause of Iohannis


The Attorney General is currently no stranger to complaints that have been targeted by President Klaus Iohannis, as understood. An address dated June 1, 2000, was signed by Augustin Lazar as chief prosecutor of the Anti-Corruption Section, the Criminal Investigation and Prosecution of the Public Prosecutor's Office attached to the Supreme Court, which was sent to the Prosecutor's Office related to the Alba Iulia Appeals Court. (the parquet he will lead), belongs to Luju.ro. In this address Augustin Lazar requested "a series of documents related to Johannis' houses," according to the publication.

In 1998-2001, Augustin Lazar served as Anti-Corruption Chief Prosecutor, Criminal Investigation and Criminal Investigation Section within the Prosecutor's Office attached to the Supreme Court, today the PICCJ Criminal Investigation and Investigation Section, where he requested the Prosecutor's Office beside Appeal for Alba Iulia, through the address mentioned above, to submit the file of the Office of the Prosecutor General no. 23 / P / 2000, "together with works that solve the complaint made by the applicant Marinescu Marius Albin to the solution mentioned earlier." Marius Albin Marinescu is a reporter who filed a complaint against Iohannis.

According to luju.ro, the file against Augustin Lazar has shown interest in being resolved by not initiating criminal prosecution of Radu Gabriel Bucsa's notary, who endorsed the power of attorney where Ioan Baştea authorized Klaus Iohannis as "in my name and for me." "To represent him in connection with the administration of the building, to negotiate and to conclude a lease agreement for two houses located on Str. General Magheru nr. 35 and Nicolae Bălcescu Street no. 29.


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