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DSP Cluj fight against smoking. Hundreds of deaths from respiratory diseases in 2018!


In Cluj, there were 464 deaths from respiratory diseases in 2018, representing 5.9% of all deaths. "Quitting smoking now to enjoy the healthy lungs," passed from Cluj County Department of Public Health, in a statement signed by the Executive Director of the Institute, Dr. Michael MOISESCU-Goya.

This company with & # 39 is an opportunity to raise public awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco use and second-hand smoke and prevent its use in any form. In 2019 the company's attention is drawn to the risks and the development of lung disease caused by tobacco use and passive exposure to tobacco smoke. ZMFT theme this year, tobacco and lung disease, focusing on the negative impact that smoking on lung health, from cancer to chronic respiratory diseases and tuberculosis.

Hundreds of thousands of Europeans to succumb to smoking

Smoke from the & # 39 is the main cause of lung cancer is responsible for more than two-thirds of deaths from this cancer worldwide. Active or passive smoking, and inhalation of the particles in the medium chamber 39 & # are major risk factors for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Asthma, the limitation of physical activity and promote disability is aggravated by smoking; smoking and occupational astmogenii were only quantify the risk of asthma. Tuberculosis is exacerbated by smoking, which may jeopardize the effectiveness of a particular drug.

The world in 2015, 3.2 million people died of COPD, an increase of 11.6% compared to 1990While 400,000 people died from asthma, a decrease of 26.7% compared to 1990. The WHO-Europe, 650,000 people die each year from tobacco-related illnesses, including 79,000 from passive smoking.

Children & # 39 are the most vulnerable to tobacco

Children & # 39 are the most vulnerable part of the population from exposure to tobacco smoke, especially in the early years, which creates an increased risk of diseases of the upper and lower respiratory tract. In 2012, 1.7 million deaths were linked to inadequate environmental conditions in the world among children under five years of protection. Of these, 570,000 were caused by respiratory infections. Around 700 million children, half the world's population in this category are exposed to tobacco smoke.

Romania reports in recent years, the prevalence of smokers (at least once in the last week), 27.2% of the population ≥15 years old in 2014, which puts it among the European countries with an average prevalence of smoking beforehand for many years 90 alignment of policies tobacco control promoted by the EU.

There are big differences between men and women (40.8% of men vs. 22% women). A recent study (Health Interview & # 39; nd Survey), conducted by the National Institute of Statistics in 2014 indicates that 1/4 of the population resident smoking ≥15 years, 19.6% of which were daily smokers.

The death toll rose in Romania

In addition, in 2014, the health behavior study in school-age children (the HBSC) show the current tobacco use (at least once in the last week) among students aged 15 years, 19.3% for boys and 16.7 % girls, as a percentage of the difference between boys and girls at this age is less than students 13 years of age, the figure was 9.6% in men and 6% among girls. It was noted that the proportion of smokers among students increases with age, especially girls.

In Romania, in 2017, the number of deaths from respiratory diseases increased by 961 compared to 2016; specific mortality increased from 65.5 to 69.9 / 100 000 inhabitants. The number of deaths from COPD was 6.231 (28.1 / 100 000 seats), in particular, higher than in 2016 – 5916 (26.6 / 100 000 seats). Furthermore, in 2017 year, the number of deaths from tuberculosis was 927 (4.2 / 100000 place), slightly lower than 2016-972 (4.4 / 100000 place).

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