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NOW liveTEXT »Romania – Lithuania 1-0
He scored: Puşcaş & # 39; 7

The first half ended. Romania lead 1-0.
min. 44:
Alexandru Maxim missed a big opportunity. The ball is not enough out of the penalty area. The shot cleared the side net.
min. 39:
Romario Benzar violated 25 meters from the gate, on the opposite side of the area where he had to evolve. Vorobjovas ran with danger, besides the victory of our gate.
min. 35:
George Puşcaş was sentenced with a yellow card. In a balloon duel he hit Zulpa with his hand.
min. 30:
Setkus intervened once more in front of Claudiu Keşeru. The Ludogorets striker sent a powerful one, on the grass, from 16 yards.
min. 26:
Sissy saw the first yellow card of the game. Bek Oltenian defeated Novikovas from behind.
min. 22
: Nicolae Stanciu is trying to surprise. Send to goal from a free kick from more than 35 meters. The ball passes to more meters.
min. 17:
Puscaş goes up and sends his head to the side of the side gate. The referee said it was a violation.
min. 14:
Alexandru Maxim shot on the right crossing of the Lithuania gate.
min. 7, GOL ROMANIA: George Puscas opens the score.
The tip of Palermo must have sent, next to the keeper, around the gate. The decisive bait was made by Alexandru Chipciu. Midfielder Anderlecht reaches the goal and three passes for the national in 2018.
min. 1:
Sirensas will open the score. He escaped from the sign of Romania's central defender and reduced by a 7-meter head.

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Romania: Tătăruşanu – Benzar, Săpunaru, Moţi, Bancu – Chipciu, Anton, Stanciu, Maxim – Keşeru, Puşcaş
backup: Pantilimon, Fl. Niţă, Toşca, T. Băluţă, I. Hagi, Nedelcearu, Deac, Paşcanu, Mitriţă, Ţucudean, Cicadău, Cr. Manea
trainer: Cosmin Contra

Lithuania: Setkus – Vaitkunas, Girdvainis, Zulpa, Baravykas – Simkus, Vorobjovas – Petravicius, Sirgedas, Novikovas – Cerych
backup: Bartkus, Zubas – Beneta, Jankauskas, Janusevskis, Kazlauskas, Klimavicius, Romanovskij, Sernas, Slavickas, Slivka
trainer: Edgaras Jankauskas

referee: Marco Guida
assistant: Matteo Passeri, Filippo Meli
Stadium: "Ilie Oana", Ploiesti

Cosmin Contra has chosen a strategic 4-4-2 formation. In the attack he sent George Puscas and Claudiu Keşeru. In midfield, Chipciu, Stanciu, Anton and Maxim will develop, with clear offensive players.

  • Ciprian Tataruşanu is the same as Rică Raducanu with 56 matches in the national team goal
  • Alexandru Chipciu, 40 under the tricolor
  • The last match played by Moţi la national is Romania – Netherlands, 0-3, on November 14, 2017
  • Cosmin Contra in the 13th match on the national bench and matched Cornel Dinu and Boloni Loti.

The Romanian team had to win today with Lithuania and reach a tie with Montenegro to ensure 2nd place in the group and remain in League C. In Lithuania's tour, Romania were hardly forced 2-1, thanks to a goal scored by Alex Maxim at the last minute.


1.Serbia 5 7-3 11p
2. Muntenegru 5 7-5 7p
3. ROMANIA 4 4-3 6p
4. Lithuania 4 2-9 0p


November 17 Serbia – Montenegro (4:00 p.m.), Romania – Lithuania (21:45) – "Ilie Oana" Stadium, Ploiesti
November 20 Serbia – Lithuania. Montenegro – Romania (at 9:45 p.m.)

BACKGROUND: Depending on the results obtained in the League of Nations, Romania can enter a better url for the preliminary EURO 2020. In addition, if they do not qualify for the classic EURO2020, "tricolors" may still have a chance in the play-off, but must finish first at No. 2 in the League of Nations, in groups with Serbia, Montenegro and Lithuania. Read HERE the complete guide to the League of Nations!


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