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Marius Moga completely conquered her daughter B & # 39; Yankees Lăpuş: «surprise»


The artist says that his daughter was struck just three and a half years, Mary Elizabeth, they characterize as an extremely deep for his age. "I think his depth surprises me three years … As we say things that I did not expect to hear so early to determine the feelings coming up with stories and songs. I am surprised that not give it no arguments, and it does the same thing when we ask for something.

Speaking of the Var & # 39; yatav things, likes to create a game, and if we are not on the stage for 15 minutes, we see disappear every item in the kitchen and moved into their new home in the center of the living room, "said the proud papa, laughing, Viva magazine.

As for the future of small Marius does not mean that Mary wants to and this, in turn, become an artist, but there are some tips that would like to offer them before taking this step. The Pope has already prepared a "speech" as it is now, do not be surprised if it somehow happens that he does not want to follow the instructions.

"I would say that for the artist, not the hit car & # 39; EASURES. For car & # 39; EASURES require a lot of effort, and probably disappointed that I could not protect her, but Overtaking is fun and increase trust, and that you made a difference in the lives of others by your creation can cure frustration. Success happens when talent and training the opportunity to meet, "said Marius Moga for the aforementioned source.

Currently, however, parents are not forcing enough in any direction, but expects to find in the same direction. "She sings, but it's just a regular guy who sings. We do not assume any role as a juror or a conductor. Go to kindergarten from two years, to ride horses in the summer when it is hot. He likes to swim or play with my dad piano. Mom Sun models, doing what she wants to do, "said Marius recently for a Click !, adding that she wants children in the future, but later.

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