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SAMSUNG official announcement about a very important phone


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Samsung has made an official announcement by one of its representatives to the very important call, which is expected the new information, but it is not as easy as it seems at first glance. In particular, Samsung representative in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, said that there are no plans to launch Samsung GALAXY FOLD, even after it has passed of the check, which indicates that the situation is not resolved.

Samsung will be more focused on the launch of Samsung GALAXY NOTE 10 than restarting Samsung GALAXY FOLD, and it is quite normal, since the launch of the two models will not be too timely. Samsung GALAXY NOTE 10 and Samsung GALAXY FOLD for the same business, and although they are different prices, the first can affect the sale of the second, or vice versa.

Samsung does not know when to release GALAXY FOLD

It is interesting that a few days ago I learned that a new phone was sent for testing to the revised version of the Korean employees, partners, experts in smartphones and university professor. Everyone seems to have a confirmation for Samsung that GALAXY FOLD problem completely solved, but it seems that as long as there is no clear plan for phone sales, so fans will have to wait for it.

As David plow, regional representative of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, said that the new information about the Galaxy Fold release has been received, the device is unlikely to come to the market. Previously it was thought that the first folding Samsung phone will be launched before the end of summer.

We know, however, very clear that the Samsung GALAXY FOLD actively checks even in the real world, and that some units have already discussed publicly, but nevertheless, it seems that the situation is not yet over. It does not prohibit the Samsung GALAXY FOLD postpone the launch until September, to steal some of the iPhone 11, but it will not affect Apple's sales to a certain extent.

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