The national team players intervened immediately after the Rada announced its departure: “That’s what they want!”



Publication date: Oct. 13, 2021, Wednesday, 11:45 p.m.

Update date: Oct. 13, 2021, Wednesday, 11:50 p.m.

The coach of the national team said at a press conference at the end of the match with Armenia, winning 1-0, that the matches in November will be his last matches on the bench. Radoi’s contract ends with the end of the previous phase, and he does not want to extend it.

The news was a blow, especially after good matches in October, but also after the team managed to rise to second place in the standings of Group J and has a good chance to play the dam.

  • Mirel Radoi

The changes proposed by the selector, criticized in previous campaigns, have borne fruit this autumn, and the team prepared by the former selector of the youth team seems to be rolling the core. The players were also taken by surprise by Radoi’s decision, and Nicolae Dicko, his second, showed their reaction.

“I don’t think there are happy players!”

The second team stated that the players sent messages to the staff, and it followed that the players were not satisfied with the decision made by the Romanian coach.

“Yes, I’ve been getting messages from the players. I don’t think there are any happy players. Honestly, I think so. I’m talking about discussions with some of them. There are players who aren’t developing now and want us to stay. Yes, we brought a lot of players, but we made an important core, and they felt that we could make them give more to the national team, and that’s good, ”Dika told Telekom Sport.

“They have no reason to feel abandoned!”

Asked if the players will suffer because of the news and the care of the coach, Dick answered honestly: “They have no reason to feel abandoned. When players come to the national team, they come for themselves, for their families and for the whole country. The goal is second place. The players became attached to us, we felt good with them. After the match with Armenia we decided to go further because we thought I could do more. I think that in a year the national team will be stronger than now. That’s my vision, I’ve seen a lot of football, and I think I’m mostly right. ”

The program of the Romanian national team in November

Romania – Iceland (11 November, 21:45, PRO TV)

Liechtenstein – Romania (November 14, 19:00, PRO TV)

Group rating J

1. Germany 21

2. Romania 13r

3. Macedonia de Nord 12r

4. 12th floor of Armenia

5. Iceland 8p

6. Liechtenstein 1p


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