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Tornado shot in Drajna, Calarasi County – VIDEO


UPDATE 6:50 pm hours. Several houses were left homeless due to the tornado, he told Antena 3 Prefect of Calarasi, George Jacob. But this information has not been confirmed by representatives Isa Calarasi.

"The mayor, deputy mayor and the entire Board assessment of tornado damage. This dynamic action. How will check each house, we have a complete picture of the damage. From the data that we had them one time, there were about 3 or 4 houses without roofs, "said Jacob, according to the source.

Dragalina Mayor said that 10 affected homes "roof affects up to 90%."

UPDATE 6:05 pm hours. Bus with 39 passengers overturned by the wind in a tornado, said Raed Arafat, the Romanian television. Seven people were injured, said the head of the Department of Emergency Situations. The spot was caused by red intervention plan.

Drivers who were in motion, stopped when the tornado formed frightened by Digi 24.

In May 2017, a tornado struck Făcăeni for the second time in the last 15 years. In just two minutes, how long a & # 39; extreme reality hundreds of greenhouses were destroyed and more than 100 trees lying on the ground. Also Făcăeni was struck by a tornado in August 2002, local residents remember that three people were killed and another 14 were injured. 33 houses were completely destroyed and nearly 400 others were partially destroyed. At the same time, the acacia forest of 120 hectares affected.

The main source of the photo: obiectiv.net

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