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Camera average speed in the suburbs, N-ring Toyota automotive and other events – Autorevue


In the Moscow route back Highways complexes calculate average speed passing a certain road segment travel time between the two chambers. Such complexes are already working in Moscow to 2015, but were subsequently removed. Already in May, just in time for the holiday season, motorists waiting for the first gift of 40 monitored sections, and in June, their number will increase to 100. Placements Highways yet classified.

Opel He announced in Russian search for dealers. To discuss possible cooperation are invited companies with successful experience in the automotive sector, demonstrating a stable financial position and focus on the promotion of the brand Opel. Among the cities in the priority of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Perm, Voronezh, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-on-Don, Togliatti, Samara, Volgograd, Tyumen, Surgut, Izhevsk, Orenburg, and Stavropol. Start selling Opel cars scheduled for the fourth quarter.

The first teaser supercar Aston Martin Vantage AMR reveals its main feature: the manual gearbox. Thus the leadership of the company Aston Martin confirms this not so long ago, a promise to keep the machine scheme with the "mechanics". Basic Vantage is only offered with an eight "automatic", and AMR version apart from other transmissions will vary uprated engine.

large sedan cadillac CT6 I lost the initial engine 2.0 Turbo (276 hp) – are taking orders for the car closed due to weak demand. From now on, the base has become a version with aspirated V6 3.6 (335 hp), which nominally has a four-wheel drive. In Russia four CT6 never delivered, we have this model initially offered only with a six-cylinder naturally aspirated engine at a price of 4.1 million rubles.

Posted official image of the logo of the new mid-engine sports car chevrolet Corvette C8 generation. Changes are reduced to an even smaller angle between the flags, black frame and black with the same lily. However, earlier in the network & # 39 were similar images with chrome accents instead of black: it is possible that we are talking about different versions of the model.

Toyota's US subsidiary has promised to make an important announcement regarding production plans. It is expected that Toyota will announce the launch of the Canadian plant in Cambridge (Ontario) crossovers Lexus NX and RX L in addition to producing since 2003. SUV Lexus RX. It is expected that the new car will embark on a conveyor in 2022.

In addition, Toyota opened its new technical center Shimonoyama, which is located near the company's headquarters in Toyota City. One of the sections of the polygon loop copies the famous North German race track Nürburgring. However, on a smaller scale: its length is 20.8 km Sun, but only 5.3 km, elevation – 75 instead of 300 m by 2023 technical center will also include high-speed line and the center of vehicle development..

Those who wish to buy a supercar bugatti Chiron should hurry: according to the latest reports, the company already has orders for more than 400 copies of the total circulation of 500 machines. 180 customers delivered Chiron, and model production will be completed in 2022.

company Sitimobil beginning insure drivers and passengers of his taxi in case of injury, disability or death of 1-3 degrees as a result of an accident. The insurance amount – up to two million rubles, and the insurance is automatically valid for any trip whether to make a call through a mobile application or call the operator. The company promises that the cost of travel at the same time remain unchanged.

company Porsche It offers everyone a more than 700 instructions for use and maintenance of the classical models – starting with the 1952 release of the Porsche 356 sports car to the Porsche 911 series 996. The firm has started to digitize old instructions about a year ago to the original booklet added as other useful information – Specifications on the engine and chassis settings recommendations plus more. Instructions are available at the dealers of the brand.

Park Police of the Swiss canton of St. Gallen 13 gets first electric crossover hyundai Kona. Five police cars have paint scheme, eight for officers in plain clothes. Police guidance states that the model Hyundai Kona proved the best electric car in terms of price and consumer characteristics. The contract provides for delivery of another 15 such cars in the next year and a half.

Also today, we talked about the prospects of the Mercedes-AMG model, Russian trim model Mercedes-Benz GLS, eletromototsikle Fuell Flow, rapid onset of hatchback Opel Corsa new generation of armored Mercedes of North Korean leader and care models Audi TT and R8 from the Russian market.

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