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Close to the Earth, "a black hole monster" turned out to be similar to a whirligig


2019-04-29T19: 05Z

2019-04-29T19: 05Z

RIA Novosti

MOSCOW April 29 – RIA Novosti. Recently awoke the black hole V404 in Suzorye & # 39; and the Swan is not just a matter absorbs and "spits out" part of it in the form of thin plasma beams superhot, but the braids it into a kind of "propeller". Write about it in the journal Nature, astronomers.

"This is one of the most amazing black holes in the universe. As with all of its" sister ", she steals the matter in a nearby star, surrounded himself with a disk with hot gas and dust. In this case, their axes of rotation are not the same, because of what the inside of the disc swinging, like Julia, leaving holes emissions are constantly changing direction, "- says James Miller-Jones (James Miller-Jones) at the University of Kertina in Bentley (Australia).

It is believed that microquasar arise in binary systems composed of relatively short and large star and its smaller companion. If a large star runs out of nuclear fuel reserves, in its place there is a black hole begins to "steal" the matter with your neighbor. Part of this material is ejected as a jet of hot gas, moving at a near-light velocity.

To date, scientists have found only four microquasar in our galaxy, and no one – outside. In June 2015 suddenly I woke up one of the most famous microquasars – V404 system Suzorye & # 39; and the Swan, which was in "hibernation" until this moment for over 26 years.

The black hole in a binary system V404 Cygni

June 26, 2015, 12:41

Black hole monster woke up in our galaxyScientists note that the black hole at the moment behaves unpredictably changing its luster for several values ​​in the range of hours or even minutes.

This on & # 39; facility located in about six thousand light-years from Earth, was discovered in the 30's of last century. Since then, he has gone through three powerful flares that allowed astronomers to study in detail the structure. It is a pair of a normal star with a mass of about 0.7 Suns and the black hole, which is about nine times the mass of our luminary.

In the summer of 2015 the brightness of the microquasar has grown to such an extent that it exceeded the brightness of the Crab Nebula, the brightest of the & # 39 object in the night sky in the X-ray, 40 times. This made it one of the most interesting on the & # 39 objects for astronomers, especially after the researchers found that the on & # 39; The object is a kind of cosmic antimatter factory.

Watching the V404 using the VLBA radio observatory, Miller-Jones and his colleagues noticed something strange – Jet of this black hole is constantly "playing" in hand, changing the emission direction every few hours. In fact, both sides of the "spit" microquasar swirled around him, just as it is done by a propeller or a whirligig, periodically disappearing or rapidly changing direction.

This happens, as scientists believe, due to the fact that the accretion disk V404 split into several flickering, unstable narrow rings, rotating angle and occasionally collide with each other under the effects of spectacle-Thirring, relativistic "cousin" of the Coriolis force.

Similar clashes "Eject" part of matter toward the event horizon of a black hole that allows you to capture and quickly bring them to him, creating a flash light and "spitting" of the masticated material in a random direction. Something like that, as scientists believe, often occurs in the vicinity of the "big sisters" V404, supermassive black holes in the centers of galaxies.

If these processes, as noted by Alexander Tetarenko from the University of Alberta in Edmonton (Canada), are there at the same rate as in the disk accretion V404, then they will make a very significant & # 39; a serious distortion in the images and data, which are radio telescopes .

The fact that scientists are watching these on & # 39; objects for hours, "gluing" the data in a single image. If their Jeti really rotate very fast, then the images will be highly distorted, or simply will contain fundamentally incorrect information.

The black hole in a binary system V404 Cygni

February 29, 2016, 19:20

Astronomers: "black hole monster" V404 was antimatter factoryAstrophysics followed the gamma radiation has recently awakened black hole-microquasar V404 in Suzorye & # 39; and Cygnus, and found that it generates a large amount of antimatter in the form of positrons "evil doubles" electrons.

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