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Figure skating. Maxim Kovtun – interviews & # 39; nd of Sochi 2014, Plushenko, Mishin, show Tutberide. Photo, video, instsgram


The news that the three-time medalist of European Championship Maxim Kovtun completes the sports car & # 39; career, introduced many fans in shock. Maxim is 23 years old, he – the reigning champion of Russia, so never and did not participate in the Olympics.

The next day after the announcement of his decision Maxim was the guest of the program "Figurine» c Emma Hajiyev on Sport24, where after competitions on ice talked about rivalry with Evgeni Plushenko show Eteri Tutbreride, his salary and future plans. Introducing the text version of the conversation.

– What could make a day after a & # 39; the completion of waking car & # 39; EASURES?
– wash the car, I went into the hall and hammamchik (Hammam – Turkish bath – Sport24).

– You are engaged in figure skating in hockey, but then …
– I do not grow together.

– I do not think whether to do hockey now?
– Late. Although you can play, I'm interested, always enjoyed in the amateur league. I'm for any learning something new, something to try.

When playing, my dad got a call from a local club in Yekaterinburg and was told that I was "a very talented kid." I have long stood on skates with my skills of figure skating was the fastest, quickly grasped everything, because I was very interesting, but then it turned out that we could not afford it, after all figure skating and ice hockey -. very expensive sports that was that..

– In a while rap occupies a certain place in your life. Now you listen to him?
– I am a music lover. Everything that I like, I listen to, regardless of genre. Even more with the & # 39 there was a rock 'n' roll.

– You would be able to ride a bit and something to read?
– These are the things that are not compatible. But I can poprikalyvatsya.

Just this – the higher the skill, some professional rappers can not zafristaylit during the concert, and I have to freestyle skating.

– But you can.
– Then just me «Gazgolder».

By the way, Max came out very cool. Watch the video!

– You have completed the car & # 39; career. What's next?
– Life goes on. Now we have to make the beauty that in mind. Naturally, it will take many years. Naturally, after a year and a half, I forget HYIP pass.

– Why do you forget after a year and a half?
– Because I'm not an Olympic champion.

– But you like the attention from the press.
– I just quietly feel any attention, like a fish in water. Even with a huge amount of attention I feel at ease, without getting lost in it. Perhaps because of this, all powers.

I was an active athlete – is one thing, constant infopovod. What will happen now – a different life.

– You go out of the sport, but never did not participate in the Olympics, despite the fact that you – a four-time champion of Russia. This is karma?
– It's me, Maxim Kovtun. There is no logic.

As happened, it happened. It could be anything. I appreciate the fact that I am very grateful to God for what I have: opportunities, ambitions and prospects, while a lot of acquaintances, relations, friends, and experience. This is achieved thanks to the way it all came together. Maybe these things are even more valuable than the Olympic Games.

– You honestly think so?
– Yes. Even if you choose: become a champion Olympics and realized later in life, or vice versa – the first terrible. And so, even awesome story turns out.

If I finished a year ago, before the return, then I would have been more difficult internal, because the feeling of lack of implementation would be essential. When he returned and tried to work as a deranged lunatic and realizing that I can not do that my resources are not enough, I realized that I did everything I could.

Then the idea that "it was necessary to even try," I have visited often. Now it will not. And this is my main mind. I believe that this is now the most important thing.

– Looking back, what would you have changed in your car & # 39; EASURES?
– Who knows what would have happened next. Maybe I would have been in the 2014 Olympic champion in the team and would have ended and, as an option, would have left the town red. Which is better? Implemented in a sense I have, in principle, there is, because I've done everything I could.

Of course, if you rewind time, I would have started doing early. When we started working with Helena Germanovna (Buyanova) and Tatiana Anatolievna (Tarasova), it was a constant torque being late (to become the best in the world). I have long, slightly lacking – the fourth in the world in the final Grand Prix just short, somewhere else. Perhaps these moments, I have corrected.

Still potschatelnee chose people who at the time trusted. It is also very important.

– There were people who were sent to the wrong path?
– You know, I even liked people who do not deserve.

– At a time when you talked about as the most promising, he regretted that not sent you, and Evgeni Plushenko, you remind me of our players, who do not show any significant results, but it is full of all sorts of instagram wheelbarrows and other glamorous things. How many cars do you then changed?
– For the year was replaced 10 machines, I guess. Sometimes, buying a car, the week went on it, she did not like me, I simply give up and buy a new one. I was just trying to find something different.

Now it is clear that this is some kind of children's arrogant, nonsense, but even at this time nothing would not change. Because it was in his own cool time, which also had to go through to understand a lot.

– Then there were rumors that you get a month of 500 thousand rubles.
– More.

– It sponsors?
– This is the prize money, and a variety of shows, salaries from different sources and so on D..

It was the pre-Olympic period, invested very well in the Sochi Olympics. And then I showed stable results have been consistently in the top third

– In one of your recent interviews & # 39; nd you said that for a long time to pay off debts. Where debt with such a salary?
– I then bought an apartment in Moscow, almost in the center. Imagine these amounts? Wild simple. All the money that I've earned it, the money was spent on it. And then it turned out that I almost got into debt.

– The other day, Plushenko said that "everything that happened at the Olympics in Sochi, let him tell Maxim Kovtun." What we need to talk about Maxim Kovtun AG in Sochi?
– I do not know what he meant. Maybe something I do not know, and he's thinking that I'm aware of some events. I know: I was sitting on a suitcase, do not go – everything.

– So, you were not in Sochi?
– I was in Moscow. We sat on their suitcases were ready to break at any moment. I have received an official Olympic gear. But then it became clear that we will not go.
That evening I went to his brother, he lived on the outskirts of Moscow. And after some time with the & # 39; riding in Ekaterinburg. This is the place where my soul is calm. First of all wanted to go to the family and friends. That's the whole story.

With regard to the very same stories, I know some things, but I do, I definitely will never tell. Yes, Jack? (Smiles)

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RIA Novosti

– And I want to know!
– Everything is in the past. We communicate well with Plushenko. All is forgotten. Go ahead.

– You're all unique in the fact that it is impossible to be angry with you. Do you communicate well with everyone …
– I'll tell you more. I have a good relationship with all the coaches with whom I parted. For example, I skated with Alexei Mishin. I just searched for and I did not fit. Why? I was only 12 years old and a bit limp equipment. I'm still in Yekaterinburg. So they decided not to waste time on me.

However, with Alexei Nikolayevich, we kept a great relationship. Nikolai Morozov then I was kicked out of his group, and six months later I won the final of the Junior Grand Prix. Already Buyanova and Tarasova. Misha came to me and said quietly: "Maxim, well, you remember? I also work with you "(laughs). It was such a polushutku.
Morozov we communicate well.

– But you broke up is not very nice. You kicked out for misconduct …
– I got kicked is not clear why. But now it does not matter. I try not to forget the bad times, I just can not remember. In my head there is only good. And it's great.

I also communicate well with Inna Goncharenko. She can call me to the cottage, I can come to drink tea and chat with her husband. With Buyanova perfectly communicate with Tarasova.

– I understand that you communicate well with Eteri Tutberide. She invited you to his show as a guest. Tell me, what kind of person she is training process.
– Firstly, Eteri G. basically a very cool person. Extraordinary coach. The result here speaks for itself. I do not do it, and the part it may seem that it can sometimes be very oppressive in training. But it is a gentle man off the ice. I am very easy to communicate with her.

The show was great. Energy amazing. Another feature – a lot of children and young people. After all, mostly on the show goes curly adult audience. For them it's like go to the theater. And then there were the young boys and girls – the sincere worshipers Tutberide team. The support was just unbelievable. Room for three and a half thousand seats were filled, so that people even stood.

– Elena Buyanova in an interview & # 39; u compare thee with the character of "real kids". She said that if previously watched the show, then it would be easier to understand you. And you would have with any of the characters themselves compared?
– If you take the "Real boys." I Kohl Naumov. He constantly wants to do from the heart, but kosyachit.

– Let's talk about the future. You want to be a coach?
– First, I need to finish high school. I am currently in my third year. That is, in the next year ends. But I still go to the magistracy. That is, it will take three years. Now education a priority.

Generally, I have a lot of interesting offers. From June to September is busy almost every day. All is planned.

The first thing I want to do – to learn, to gain experience. Elena Germanovna also asked me to help her with a boy, a little work with him to CSKA. He's 15 years old. We are studying with him a quadruple Salchow and a triple Axel. It is necessary to restore jumping after injury. In general, a lot of work there.

And then there are kommentatorstvo, filming, master classes, workshops, shows.

– And you can become the director.
– I do not burn with the desire to put the program and do not say that I will be the greatest director of all time. Just once, I set myself a room. When I showed it to his friends, they said it was the best I have bowled. Perhaps this view is optionally & # 39 objective. But I know my kids if it was "shit", they would have said so. But they really poured into it.

– One of the most difficult moments in the completion of car & # 39; EASURES – inform the coach, which is embedded in you, live schedule your workouts. As in your case it happened?
– By this all went slowly. In your question, it looks like you're riding a motorcycle and abruptly falls into the abyss. In fact, we just came down gently with gorochki. There was no such that sat down and talked. All by itself it has come to a logical conclusion.

– And how to Tatiana Tarasova?
– Since it was a little more abruptly gorechko. But also not be lost. In general, I am very grateful. She pulled me out of the emotional pit after the European Championship. With Elena Germanovna they resuscitated me to the Universiade.

– You got a lot of warm words after a & # 39; the completion of waking car & # 39; EASURES, get some flash mob in support of Maxim Kovtun. How about you get the message for these days?
– Probably, 5-10 thousand.

– Olympic champion Alexei Urmanov said: "I think that Maxim Kovtun is not worth discussing. The athlete showed in his sports car & # 39; EASURES nothing. And the statements which he had made, he never justified. Therefore, what is there to discuss. Well finished and finished. " Do you have an answer?
– Yes. Firstly, I very much respect him as an athlete. Secondly, when he says that we should not discuss the person, then why do it?

Here, everyone is entitled to their opinion, it is Alexis. I can have an opinion about it, I also have this right. But I would say it in person, if something was going to say.

– What is the funniest thing you wrote in social networks?
– There was a time that some girl sent me an audio message, such as "I have a sister, she wants to live with you, come, she prepares a delicious, cool figure," fully advertised address dropped, how to ride. I'm as fun decided to put it in the story.

– What's the most fun you gave Cheerleaders?
– Different and amazing gifts were many. I remember, at the European Championship I threw a bra all the neighing in the locker room.

– Finally, you can appeal to all his fans.
– I want to tell them thank you very much for such attention, support, I appreciate it very much, I'm very pleased, very inspiring and gives faith to go on.

And again, as I finished, and I can look at the situation from the outside, I want to ask all Russian fans to truly love our athletes. There are no perfect people, some things do not get someone does not behave as you would like. But I love them for what they are doing right. And the fact that they have not, try it on a smaller pay attention, because no matter what anyone said, all the guys myself read on the Internet, are going through. You can not imagine how much you give an athlete forces, when all along its support.

All love, hug, lifted.

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