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Launcher Samsung One UI 2.0 will receive all of the major pieces Android Q


Release of Android Q for Samsung Galaxy will also mark a new version of the corporate launcher One UI 2.0 South Koreans smartphones. However, an interesting fact is that the Galaxy S11 debut with One UI 2.1. Of course, it's not too surprising that the next major update to the Android OS will also bring a renewal One UI, but the Galaxy S11 output immediately with One UI 2.1 on board also makes sense if you consider the fact that the One UI 1.0 debuted with Android to Pie, and it was followed by One UI 1.1 in the line of Galaxy S10.

One UI will receive Android Q innovation in the face of Digital Wellbeing and Mode Focus Mode

Currently there is no information about what new features and capabilities to the & # 39 Introduced in One UI 2.x. All that now have confirmation, that is what One UI 2.0 will include all of the improvements Digital Wellbeing, which Google announced at a developer conference in May of this year. These improvements include Focus Mode Mode, which allows users to specify which applications they find most distracting, and disable these applications when you turn on this feature.

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Other key features Android Q, is also likely to become part of Samsung Device Update to Android Q, although some of the coolest "chips" such as Live Captions, may only be available for the flagship "Galaxy".

In our opinion, doubt that Samsung is preparing for us some interesting features that are unique to its smartphones and tablets, it is not necessary. Android Pie and One UI 1.0 brought a lot of both minor and major new features, then Samsung has added its features such as Bixby Routines with the release of One UI 1.1 on the Galaxy S10. Bixby Routines have not yet entered the Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 and other devices in 2018 year, but hopefully things will change when the respective devices for Android will be released Q. The same applies to new and features that the Samsung, no doubt , will be offered exclusively with the Galaxy Note 10.

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Android Q release is not far off, and therefore One UI 2.0 will also be released soon

As for when to expect the release of an update for Samsung's Android Q, that while it there is absolutely no information. However, with the approach of Android Q start we often need to learn more about the next iteration of the One UI. All we can say now is that, by looking at how quickly the company released the Android Pie for all of their flagship devices, as well as medium and budget lines, there is hope that the Android Q is also not long to wait. And perhaps, the Samsung with Android Q will do everything more quickly, given that it already has experience with the release of Android Pie. We can only wait and watch.

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