Friday , June 25 2021

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A scandal broke out on the reality show “The Last Hero” on TV-3 due to sexual harassment of one of the participants of the project. The program release is available on the broadcaster website.

In Saturday’s issue, April 3, presenter Yana Troyanova gathered the participants for a serious conversation. According to her, 20-year-old Anastasia Petrova, who dropped out of the project the day before, said that her 61-year-old compatriot Alexander Matveev, who was affectionately called “Uncle Sasha”, clung to her and other girls. The presenter urged the women not to be silent and to tell about what was happening. The conversation then took place with the cameras off.

Later, Petrova appeared at the council of the tribe and explained her position. As a child, she experienced an attempted rape, so the behavior of an adult man outraged her. According to her, other participants also faced similar actions of Matveev, but preferred not to talk about it. Some of the players accused Petrov of hype and lynching. The presenter sharply criticized them, saying that she opposes such incidents on any TV projects. “You did nothing. And so everything is done in the world. All evil is committed with tacit consent, ”Trayanava said.

The man denied the allegations and called what was happening “stupid.” “Do I have brains or not?” He responded. After that, Matveev announced his decision to leave the TV project voluntarily due to health problems. “I apologize if I have caused anyone any pain and inconvenience,” he said. At the end of the program, the participants told in more detail what had happened to them, and Matveev admitted that the tribal council came as a complete surprise to him. “The conclusions that have been drawn are misinterpreted,” he added.

Earlier it was reported that the winner of the first season of the show “The Last Hero” Sergei Odintsov dropped out of the new season of the project, as he beat a neighbor doctor. He was to participate in the project for the third time. However, he did not fly to Zanzibar with the project team and recorded a video in which he explained it by “force majeure circumstances.”

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