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Why Orlova does not consider himself guilty of the death of Lagoda


Singer Olga Orlova has publicly stated that it is not guilty of any illnesses nor for the death of his colleague Natalya Lagoda. For 20 years, the actress accused of misadventures dead.

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Several decades ago, Olga met with businessman Alexander Karmanova. The man was then in a relationship with the Lagoda, but without memory fell in love with a new acquaintance. Surviving a break calm Natalia could not – she tried to commit suicide. Save the singer, but as a result of the incident, she remained for a long time of immobility. After restoring the Lagoda repeatedly with & # 39; was in the air a variety of TV channels, where all their troubles vinyl Orlov. According to Natalia, critical turn was the episode when Olga came to them with Karmanova home and announced her pregnancy.

Along with her new husband Lagoda is addicted to alcohol, I lost the house and moved to live in the garage. After she caught a cold and died of pneumonia. Many opponents Orlova still blame her for the death of Natalia and callousness towards her.

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But Olga herself to make a confession on the air the talk show with Leroy Kudryavtseva. The singer said she was pregnant for about a year while married to Karmanova and, accordingly, in any of its joint with Lagoda house did not come. After trying to get away from the life of Natalia her ex-boyfriend is fully paid for her treatment. But despite the fact that after Natalia again needed medical help, it is not addressed to doctors, continuing instead to invent scandals. His guilt in the death of Lagoda Orlov sees.

Earlier, fifth channel published the story of Olga Orlova in the last days Zhanna Friske.

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