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If the month full episode 22 Jamaan lot with the white cross now mbc1 Monday 2019/04/29


Series, when the moon is full Episode 22 Monday, April 29, 2019 in a new window Saudi art, new clashes between the people and the sons of gin, where we moved through the studio completed the pre-full moon, clashes occurred between Jamaan and Vloh, and now White day, starting with outset said Jamaan look at them the old house a treasure, and you know, Pfloh and his love for her, comes another exciting event when Jamaan shakedown in Farah Abdul Rahman and kindergarten, after he left Faraj, we will follow through when the moon is full 22 day of rest Zei, after Faraj to go to his father, and his eternal regret, and remorse Jamaan before his son, but the role of Faraj came Alb After all, when he told him that his father should Matpth, and it's not because they persuade Jamaan no matter what happens, he, his father, and he went to congratulate the garden and Abdul Rahman.

What will happen to the doctor after what was the cause of his death, except for the fact that the doctor was reading verses from the Koran, immediately led white suffocation and run in front of him, and poems related to Gina that caused the once white disappearance before White, White cause affect Jamaan and his mother will be on the other hand, let the series will know that when the moon will be completed today.

Episodes of the series, when the moon is full

episode series is when the moon is full, one of the strongest dramatic episodes in the history of Saudi art, where he discusses the importance of magic and jinn and their relationship with people where the story begins with Jamaan character who wanted to move their things & # 39; nd to the level of life better and went to the old way of their homes to look for treasure, and during his studies of a scientific problem that there is a family gin inhabits old their house, but he did not back down and continues to lead the search process, so that you know Vloh lived strange things with it, until it reached the communication her love of the stage in the last few episodes, and you know, at the time when the moon will be completed in the details of new mysteries.

If a series of full moon
If a series of full moon

If a full month mbc1:

radio series, when the moon is completed in MBC channel and Syria, as time goes on broadcasting in nine pm World Greenwich, while the date is when the moon is completed GMT at eleven o'clock in the evening, as the date of end of the month the UAE during the second fully come ten, in the middle of the night, as a new episode of the serial broadcast GMT Egypt's ten o'clock at night, and can be identified by the frequency or the BBC and now, and download it to enjoy the future activities of the Saudi series full month.

Satellite: Nilesat.

Frequency: 11938.

coding rate: 27500.

Polarization: Horizontal H.

If the month full episode 22 today

If the month has finished through mbc1 channel, with & # 39 is the continuation of which may be obtained from the previous rate, where you will learn about the exciting new developments in today's episode, when he finished a full moon, and that will take place between the white and Jamaan, after what he did to the doctor, after threatening Jamaan.

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