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Markel contrary to the tradition of more than 40-year-old royal


Say – headed Megan Markel wife of Prince Harry, violation of the tradition of the British royal practice for over four decades, as they exclude the hospital witnessed the arrival of many royalists childbirth, including her husband, the options of places where style.

And waiting for Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markel, who married last year, the first born to them this spring.

The newspaper "Sun" Englishmen, citing an unnamed source, that the former American actress Linda BIRTH in the hospital wing at St. Mary's in West London, a place beloved of the British royal family & # 39; s 1977.

The late Princess Diana put Harry in the hospital in 1984, designed as the elder brother's wife, Kate, Harry, William, and their three children, George and Charlotte Lewis.

The newspaper added that Megan, 37, decided to give birth to a nearby hospital, the headquarters of a new residence in Windsor.

The paper cited a source as saying: "A child is born to Linda Harry decided that they would prefer to be able to recover more Megane particular place and not have to choose a place in the famous Linda."

It is not possible to get a comment on the report of the newspaper Kinsngton palace, according to "Reuters" agency.

The new baby will be the seventh in the order to the British throne, but it is expected that the news that come occupies the headlines around the world.

By the time it was passion for the British royal family & # 39; it, especially in the United States, and it usually has its own member as young as Harry and his older brother William and their wives, the warm welcome from a large number of people who celebrate them as a movie star.

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