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Remove sugar from the tea does not affect the love and have a drink


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Remove sugar from the tea does not affect the love to eat and drink, to Tuesday, April 30, 2019 17:44

Scientists have shown that the removal of Alskrmen tea does fewer people like to drink, and in the experiment, the researchers asked a group of participants to remove sugar from the coffee beverage and found that the extent of their love for the drink has not changed. disposal of sugar also found in a radical step, or gradually decrease with the passage of time, an effective means to consume less sugar. Health officials recommend a daily intake of sugar should not exceed seven teaspoons of sugar a day, but the average rate of the British consumer is twice that estimated.

Researchers from University College London and the University of Leeds also said that the transition to sugar tea can improve the diet of people, and they wrote in their study, "Reducing sugar in the tea does not affect the beverage love, believing that long-term changes in behavior as possible . "They noted that the consumption of food with more sugar & # 39 is a public health problem and appealed to the beverages contribute significantly to the total consumption. They emphasized that the reduction in the consumption of sugar in soft drinks may pom able to reduce overall consumption.

In the study, the results showed that the group of reducing sugars was able to get rid of it without affecting their love for tea, and he was able to 36 percent of those who procured sugar from Musharoppem, to get rid of the use of sugar for all, and six percent in the control group. But 42 percent of the sugar gradually to remove the group got rid of the use of sugar in the tea, believing that a gradual change from the & # 39 is more successful.

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For its part, Tam said Fry, chairman of the National Obesity Forum: "Reducing sugar is a good idea, we get all the sugar we need from other sources of supply should not be the results of the researchers surprise he said that the sugar gradually decreases, allowing bud acclimatization taste with the situation. new, it may be less harmful than a sudden shock to the system path, but, as the study shows, the final result will be the same, it presented the results of research at the European conference on obesity in Glasgow

According to British national services, should not be an added sugar by more than five percent of the calories in the diet of people with food and drink every day, the equivalent of about 30 grams of sugar per day, or seven little spoons, for persons aged 11 years or more.

However, the average person has to deal with the adults in the UK twice this speed and about 57 grams, which is a concern with rising rates of obesity.

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