"Show" Artgarl episodes 123 season 5 is translated on the site of light and Yarmouk and calls and homeland


A series of Argerel revivals is the most powerful series of Turkish parts, and this is one of the largest and largest historical series, since See the Artgrel series The first part in Turkish TRT Channels The success of the event and the increase in the number of viewers day after day, to follow the events of imagination and brainwashing behind the hidden drama inside, manifested by extraordinary Artegral heroes in an interesting realm, and so far Part 5 of the episode of Artgrel.

As for the new one on Artegurl Season 5 Episode 123, A series of Ortok revivals through the Noruk website complete the trt channel, which presents the era of Ottoman history, the biography of the founder of the Ottoman Empire Artgrel, and tells the story of the series of Artegrel's revival, about Artgrel's struggle with Mongols and Byzantines.

ArtGarrell Episode 123 The Light

The events of the Argerel resurrection series between the countries of Aleppo and Antioch were created by a boy named Osman who founded the Ottoman Empire in that era. The work embodies a typical group that we will identify together through the following lines in the article. See the episodes of Artegral 123 Part V which were dubbed On the Turkish TRT channel, this channel is also displayed on the invitation channel. The series is displayed every week in two hours. The Artegrel series is the most serial series with the highest percentage of follow-up from various countries in the world.

The Artegrel Series is the production of the Trt channel in Turkey, the right of several channels of rights to broadcast live and direct exposure to several websites on the Internet, such as light sites, and we cannot ascertain whether the site has the right to broadcast live and has ownership rights to display serials or not , As for the frequency of the channel you are viewing, we will attach a list for you.

Episode 123 is now on the light site

Artagraph Heroes

104 ArtGarrell is a light site

Light Artgrel Site

The Art of Light Online

Episode 104 from ArtGirl

The 99th episode of the Artgrel series

The 99th episode of the Artgrel series

Events from the Artegrel series

Fourth season

Photograph of the heroes of the Artegril series

Now you know about the character and workThe names of representatives of Argerel's real resurrection And watching their photos from the series and behind the scenes, with each artist who prostrated his role in the Argerel World Season IV series.

Photo of Artgrel heroes

The hero and representative of the Awakening of Artegirl – Lady Bird

Channel frequency delivered to the Artgrel series

Frequency polarization channel
Yarmouk 11678 Vertical vertical
Contact 10727 Horizontal Horizontal
Vertical Horizontal
After youth 11316 vertical vertical
Vertical vertical
East is vertical vertical


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