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The future of cameras in smartphones "hidden camera Obo"


In recent years, between the phones as the front camera there was very tough competition. Each company has invented a different shape of the anterior chamber to the screen was the maximum possible space devices and tried all the devices operate at full phone and every company to think through the camera Samsong Samsung camera on the front screen in the form. Just a hole size of the chamber, for example, a telephone and 10 Aobo, Huawei and Shawmi make the phone using the Slider Slide the camera to open only during the activation of the application of the camera today, Obo did something else, it will make the front camera on the spot without a & # 39; appearance.

Obo today offers us the latest technological advances in the field of intelligent smartphones, giving full screen without front-facing camera, and even without the camera slide, Opo developed a new technology to hide the camera under the screen without a camera without showing the front camera, but how? This is what we say to you today.

The future of cameras in smartphones "hidden camera Obo"

The future of cameras in smartphones "hidden camera Obo"

In able to enjoy full-screen while the Mobile World Congress Obo announced that the technology is designed to smart camera runs in the bottom of the screen to the user. Opo CEO said the company is committed to the development of many innovative technologies and dedicated itself to research in the field of mobile technology. As a result of this study.

We all know that you are intrigued by the workings of this camera, and how to illuminate the screen, perhaps made of translucent parts of the camera that allows light to go inside, so the camera can take a picture, if the light is not prohibited on the outside. The screen is the same, and it buduchyni.Kamera technology works at full efficiency, even though it is at the bottom of the screen, and is likely to provide a translucent screen of the camera with the lens for better image quality.

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Video shows a hidden camera Opus Hidden Screen

The following video demonstrates the experience of using a hidden camera under the technical screen designed Obo and shared with the world, and it is expected that next year the company will begin to use this technology in phones, and much of interest to see this technology in the phone OboFindX next version of Obo, where This phone is the next option – the company's flagship phone, that followed the video.

Today is the end of our conversation, but the audience Aziz Do you think that this is the end of cameras that we were finally able to get the full screen, there is more competition between companies on fotaaparale. Other parts of the mobile phone Leave your opinion in the comments section below this topic.

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