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Watch ertuğrul 146 events showed, the head of the secret accounts Aabigly Basta cut now!


Ertugrul fifth season of the Turkish series to establish control over the Arab countries, as well as lovers of drama recently began achieving considerable success, Vortgrl historical series tells the story of Ottoman characteristic of the real, that made millions of fans of the history of observations of the Turkish series.

Ertugrul Episode 146

The seminar ended with 145 on the stage Ertugrul last week in the face of Bapolat, and then led a remarkable director of the Turkish series to attract the attention of the audience to reflect footage Chobakah series before presenting them back Gondodo and & # 39; the emergence of new and exciting events, that made all observers waiting for episode 146, which will be presented tomorrow, Wednesday, May 1, 2019.

Frequency Channel Yarmouk Nile Sa

Series broadcast on Turkish transliteration Yarmouk Jordan on the satellite channel Nile SAT in the eighth Thursday night approved the second in May 2019, the channel mobility on the horizontal frequency 11675 and 27500 on the coding rate.

Follow us on our news Nile Monitor episode of the series as expected, the details of the resurrection of Ertugrul Episode 146, against a background of very important events of the environment.

Waiting Ertugrul fans of the series fifth season, episode 146 shows, especially after a & # 39; waking, I saw fireworks event, made in most viewers are waiting for the new episode.

Follow us on Wednesday and Sunday Ertuğrul series in recent episodes, and more events after the end of a series of Turkish Ertugrul approaches.

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