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20 minutes – Zuckerberg wants to help government


Owner and founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg named Saturday authorities in the world to play a more active role in rguler Internet, including those requiring more states to be guided in MATIRE European rules of privacy protection.

I am convinced that the government and rgulateurs should play a more active role, Mark Zuckerberg wrote in an opinion piece published in the Washington Post in the United States, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in Germany, on Sunday Independent in Ireland and the Journal du Dimanche in France.

Make evolve rgulation Internet allows us to keep what the Internet & # 39 is the best of all – freedom for people to express themselves and the ability of entrepreneurs to create – at the same time protecting the company's broader prjudices, poursuit- it.

Zuckerberg believes that we need new rglementations in four areas: violent and hate speech, the integrity of elections, protection of privacy and data portability.

Facebook tried to criticism on the four topic of hate speech publis to the first social network in the world using their own platform video Living perptr author attacks a mosque in the city of Christchurch in New Zealand attempts by foreign influences during the elections, and inquitudes in respect of personal data.

With regard to data protection, Zuckerberg believes that other countries should follow EurOpen REGULATION data protection (RGPD), officially entered into force on May 25 and prvoit fines for companies that do not meet the life robs users of their services, including targeted advertising.

I think it would be good for the Internet, as more and more countries adopt rglementation, such as RGPD as a general framework, writes Mark Zuckerberg. With regard to the hateful and violent, Facebook founder of rows carat public politicians, who often tell me that we have too much power in terms MATIRE.

Frankly, I agree, he wrote a proposal for the creation of third parties, whose role will be to define standards for the dissemination of violent and hateful content and assess companies on the basis of these standards.

On elections, Zuckerberg notes that the existing laws on political advertising on the Internet, mostly candidates and elections and not political issues that divide and which we find more attempts to interfere. So he called modernization lgislation so that it reflects the reality of today's threats.

Rules govern cross internet enabled generation of entrepreneurs to create services that have changed the world and created a lot of value to people's lives, says Zuckerberg. Couple update rules to accurately determine the responsibilities of individuals, businesses and governments, he said.


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