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2008-2018, when prices and gasoline ignited Overseas [CHRONOLOGIE]

The current impasse that knows Reunion is far from being the first in the overseas territories. Within ten years, these social crises majeure repeated, with the total cost of accommodation, gasoline prices or insecurity. Back to the previous crisis.

2008-2009: The house lights, with LCS & # 39 is in Guadeloupe

In late 2008, Guyana angry. Gasoline prices rise, Guyana on the street. The movement is transmitted from January 2009 Guadeloupe where LCP, Liyannaj Comte Pwofitasyon, headed by Elie Domoto began A general strike, which will last 44 daysFrom 20 January to 4 March. Guadeloupe is paralyzed, soon joined Martinique, and then at the meeting. One demonstrator, Jacques Bino, a trade union, was shot and killed at the dam. The murder will never be solved. story those weeks that have marked the history of the Antilles with Lawrence Theatin:

LKP in Guadeloupe in 2009

2011: Mayotte blazes

The costs of the & # 39 is the cause of a new fire in Mayotte in September 2011, the anger and the protests lasted for three months, during which one demonstrator was killed. October 19, 2011, 39-year-old seven & # 39; Yanin destroyed during clashes with police in Mamoudzou. According to the prefect, he died of a heart attack. After a & # 39; make known his death, hundreds of protesters took to the streets to denounce the police violence. December 20, Inter and management of Mayotte finally sign an agreement to end the conflict against high prices. The text refers, in particular, the decline in prices of 11 basic goods. Back to this crisis with a report in October 2011 that overseas 1 / France Ö:

crisis in Mayotte

2012: the cost of living and fuel in Reunion

February 21, 2012 in Reunion, demonstrations against the rising road fuel degenerates. Clashes between youths and the police carried out pits and port. While the Department of excitement passes for six days. Garbage is burned, overturned cars and shops were ransacked and looted almost all the departments of the city. Population condemned the high price of the cost of living. The negotiations that led to a gel or a decline in prices for 40 essential commodities.

See report released February 24, 2012 on France Ö:

Riots in Reunion in 2012

2017: Guyana in anger

This is a fight against the vulnerability of the social unrest that affects Guyana movement in February-March 2017, "Collective 500 brothers" on & # 39; unites and mobilizes the extensive activities of the & # 39;. Brings together tens of thousands of people, while the Cayenne dam block the entire department. Guyana requires a plan to catch up with the lag in development. Finally, May 21, 2017 signed an agreement on Guyana. Bernard Kazenuv unlocks the government just a few days before the presidential election, the plan for more than one billion euros to cover delays in the field of education . safety, health, justice and economic, history of the video:

Guyana 2017

2018 Mayotte "Dead Island"

Unreliability also & # 39; is the starting point for the mobilization of 6 weeks Mayotte attacks in early 2018 in the vicinity of schools first January caused protests. Mahorais denounce illegal immigration from Comoros. Platinum paralyze the department. In March, the Minister of Overseas travels to Mayotte, and is in contact with the protesters at the dams. In May 2018 the Minister of Overseas has a "remedial plan" to Mayotte, amounted to EUR 1.3 billion. The main focus in particular on security, education, health and housing.

stages, but Mayotte 2018

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