Monday , November 18 2019
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59000000 voted in favor of the city of Thies


59 million people, of & # 39 is the budget of the city railway capital for 2019 budget is approved in all 30 of the city recommended, except for the set of abstinence. Mayor thallium forces is the beginning of the board to start again on a new basis, approved by the difficulties.

A budget that is balanced in revenue and expenditure in the amount of 1,759,182,343 CFA. Financial difficulties related to decentralization Act 3 were invited to the discussion. City Council Dénaba Sally reminds government promises.

"This president initially aims to help the city of Thies to 500 million of the almost two (2) years. 250 million were paid by the city of Thies. Within 2 years, it looks like a city Tizy confront some, "he said. For him, it is inconceivable that 250 million can not go to the city account.

According to Mr. Sully, another promise to tell the main state, "it had to offer thiessois fish market, fruit and vegetables." Other delays noted that the implementation of programs to support municipalities and cities FMO book Senegal, South.

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