Monday , April 12 2021

Abderrahmane Raouya «State does not waive the unpaid taxes"

sigoisette via Getty Images

Finance Minister Abderrahmane Raouya said Monday in Algiers, in the case of tax evasion referred to several members of the Council on the state of abandon, in any case, the recovery of unpaid taxes.

According to the Chamber, the amount of unpaid tax debts amount to more than 11.380 billion dinars, of which 3.63 trillion production taxes 7.750 billion dinars of court fees and 5,300 billion dinars of unpaid taxes of the former Algerian foreign bank (Vasa).

The Minister recalled that "the judicial system is so 2018 covering the prerogative of the court costs," adding that "we do not give up in any case, the recovery of unpaid taxes."

As for the officials of tax administration officials intervention Mr. Raouya said that 52,000 files were transferred to a tax audit in 2017, the cost of the files examined the increase from 71.3 billion dinars in 2013 to more than 89.5 billion dinars in 2017.

The program of the tax audit for 2018 includes 1,937 accounting and control operations 227 thorough overall tax situation in the area, plus 611 temporary accounting operations, the minister said.

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