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Amazon who: Ryad had access to a phone with the CEO of Amazon, says security expert


Washington, May 31 (Reuters) – The government of Saudi Arabia
We have access to a telephone Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, and
shot confidential information has dclar Saturday
Gavin de Becker, a member of a safety adviser to Bezos.

De Becker added, completing the leak investigation
SMS in the press between the boss and Lauren Amazon
Sanchez, a former prsentatrice television.

January 10, the day after the announcement of the divorce
Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie after 25 years of marriage, the National
Enquirer article devoted 11 pages in bonds
I would have to be the boss Amazon Lauren Sanchez.

Bezos confirmed last month that the US Media Group
Inc. (AMI), the owner of the Enquirer was in a tent
sing. According to the founder of Amazon, threatened to AMI
publish "intimate" of his pictures, if it is not dclarait
publicly that things were about tablod
no political goals.

In an article published in the Daily Beast website, De Becker
It indicates that AMI asked him privately, to deny finding
any evidence of "spying or hacking electronic
the process of gathering information. "

"Our surveyors and some experts have concluded with
the belief that the Saudis have access to the phone
Bezos and received confidential information, "wrote
Becker. "Today, it is difficult to understand what
Measurement AMI was aware of the details. "

In an interview with & # 39; w, this line amricaine CBS
February, the Saudi Foreign Minister was
dclar, that Riyadh has nothing to do with Bezos business.
(Christopher Bing, Arthur Connan for the French service)

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