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Anto sings «The Final Countdown» Group Europe (video)


Anto returned to «The Voice» at the 8th season. After sinking the 3 seasons, he is faced with the coaches in the 8th and blind hearing last evening. We offer a look and analyze its performance.

This year 28 Reunion gets a second chance: 5 years ago Anto already presented at the grand contest for the most beautiful voice, voice, Unfortunately, no one coach has not returned. courageous, Anto I decided to return to the stage and give all to her family & # 39; I'm proud of the whole island Réunion.Il hope that this second attempt will be fine.

For this English teacher chose a stone under the Swedish group Europe. "The Final Countdown", Name that with the & # 39 is timely, as the Anto Talent is the penultimate of the season 8 to move the selection. There are only two places: 1 Julien Clerc1 house sopranoWhich of the two will turn to give a chance to continue the adventure Anto The Voice 2019?

See an excerpt Replay hearing blind 8 – 8 Voice Saturday, 30 Traven 2019

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