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Barthelemy Dias announced a complaint against the Minister of Interior, Director General and Chief Financial Officer


Known for its hostility to the regime, said Bartholomew Diaz in the beginning that "the victory of Macky Sally in the first round with a & # 39 is a strange and exciting." Armed with the documents, he tried to show that February 24 was "nothing but elections. "" This oath will be held April 2 is not based on any Republican confidence and electoral reality. He won the presidential election with the help of several administrative, judicial and administrative. They made a forcing pass the first round, "accused the former MP, is not without evaluation, that the lessons of the survey bitter for Senegalese democracy. Which was included in the expense of the many victims. Thus, he says Maki Sally "Responsible for Democratic retreat in Senegal, undermining the symbol by changing the rules to be president."

"And even Agnam sheep and chickens have voted"

Very strong, Bartholomew Diaz accused the head of state of an institutional coup d'etat with the complicity of institutions of the republic. Which among others the Constitutional Council, the Supreme Court, the Department of automation of the electoral register, the General election management and some independent bodies, such as the regulation of the National Council of Audiovisual. This, he adds, not forgetting, not the maneuvers of justice. In the same vein, the foal Sally Khalifa made a presentation, he said, to detect violations, which allowed Macky Sall to realize his "electoral aging."

According to him, he found irregularities in seven orders. This, in particular, the production of voters cards amount prior to the establishment of the state, the number of civil acts that exist in the electoral list of the Minister of the Interior, non-existent codes mass voter registration on a mobile court, the allocation of duplicates on the electoral register bis-repetita fashion and voters whose homeland with & # 39 is Senegal. "I put my hand on the Bible, that the president has a 14.379 voters on file code 699. However, this code is not of & # 39 is part of a local community. This code does not exist. And this is true for codes 713 and 413. It has on more than 180 thousand voters file that do exist. This virtual people, that turned into a real person, "said Bartholomew Diaz, adding:" After 5 years, 2921 people have been a vital part in the fair hearing in the village of the former Minister of Internal Abdoulaye Daouda Diallo, however, the court can not handle as many cases. within 5 years. If he was able to earn 100% in Agnam, because there are even sheep and chickens have voted. "

A series of complaints against the authorities' involvement in the organization of elections

Considering all of the identified figures which, according to Bartholomew Dias, showing clearly that the outgoing president to cheated, Bartholomew Dias questions the prosecutor. He asks her own initiative, to bring light to this case. In addition, he announced that he will file a complaint against the Minister of the Interior, election administration and management automation voters, because we participated in the falsification of Vital Senegal. "This man will not scold the president of Senegal. This man has declared himself president after the robbery with the complicity of the highest magistrates of countries and institutions that have supported the organization of elections. We are ready to make all documents in the possession of the prosecutor, "said Bartholomew Diaz.

Lt. Sally Khalifa also said that he will put the file available to the amnesty, the Radhoo sue Forums, Senegal Union among other magistrates. Continuing, he proposed the establishment of INEC instead Anek, the appointment of a neutral and authoritative personality to head the Interior Ministry, participation in the electoral process, civil society, religious family & # 39; and the Association of Senegalese judges, reform of the electoral register and the revision of the law on sponsorship before the local elections . In addition, he called on the opposition to have a fighting position and unity and the conquest of power by all lawful means and Republicans. Mayor Mermoz Sacred Heart, in conclusion, that it does not disclose personal information, but, as he said, "to expose a conspiracy orchestrated by the authorities."


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