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Between legality and appropriateness of the decision to kill the hippo?


No one is immune from the need to protect people, flora and fauna. However, each time the equation itself as the presence of a hippopotamus in full city Kedougou dilemma confronted the guarantor powers of the security of persons and property, as well as wild animals.
While sovereign authorities chose to kill an animal in order to protect people. This solution is also the criticism is still legal.
If the hippopotamus had killed the man before he died the same body will be a critical center.
Now I'm on the ground, I saw a terrible lack of material resources of our defense and security forces.
Mark admits designed specifically for national security, but all people have the same observation was that there were no funds available to deal in any way until Sunday, May 31, 2019.
No one is proud of the fact that this animal is performed or the power back to the wall, but the state should act, and their solution is applied.
We all know that it is not timely solutions, not the best solution, nor the desire of the population that was too sad face horror of the day, but Duralex SEA LEX.
Together respect the decision of the authorized body.
Finally, the ability to kill.
Each person should give his assessment of the situation in strict respect for the diversity of opinions and beliefs.
I Adviser Commune Kedougou that there is no loss of life, and this is the point.
Back to the wall power chose to protect human and animal sacrifices: strong responsibility salute.
Our state with & # 39 are poor and too poorly equipped rescue equipment, then we must act in accordance with the means and political means available in anticipation of better.

Yamadou Koita (advisor)

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