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Chef Jean-Franis Pig leaves the "Top Chef"


PARIS (awp / afp) – The two-star chef Jean-Francois Pezh will no longer participate in the "Top Chef", cooking show M6 and demonstrate a definite advantage in the French language, after ten years to judge the young professionals wanting to make a name for himself .

"After 10 years I decided it was time to say goodbye to my jury's role in the show" Top Chef ", – he said Saturday on his Instagram.

"The Adventures of Top Chef changed my life and, above all, made culinary cuisine accessible to all, I am very proud to have contributed and defended a program that has shown a passion and vocation I light a fascinating job with me, Cook." – I wrote star furnace.

However, he will return to the circuit with a return "to other adventures."

Chef, two Michelin stars for the restaurant "Grand Restaurant" in Paris, and was crowned "Chef of the Year" leadership Champérard 2017 and guide Pudlo Paris in 2016.

"M6 Studio 89 and would like to warmly thank him for his passion and perfection, and in the near future we will meet again with him on the M6 ​​for a new adventure," – said the channel on Twitter.

The program, which celebrated its tenth birthday in February, used the biggest signs. Young professionals are trying to win tens of thousands of euros, and especially to make a name for himself in superkankurentnay gourmet universe under the direction of Philip Etchebesta, Michel Sarrana or Elena Darroza.

Adapted from the American program, it provides a comfortable audience on the channel (averaging about 2.9 million viewers last year) and earned a good reputation in the demanding conditions of high cuisine.

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