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Childbirth Meghan Markle: if we have the right


Meghan Markle seen very last moments of her pregnancy, and in his mind, everything is clear. Although the date of the period is scheduled for the same day, Sunday, April 28 the wife of Prince Harry could still see his plans discord delivery. If he can be forced to adapt, there is one thing she will not return. Again, the Duchess of Sussex has decided not to imitate his brother's wife, Kate Middleton, who used to & # 39; to appear as fresh as the morning dew few hours after giving life.

After the birth of George, Louis and Charlotte, the wife of Prince William used to introduce a new royal child in the world. Exhausting photo shoot for the new mother. She imitated and Princess Diana, who did the same for the birth of William and Harry. But, as has been proved, Meghan Markle is determined not to follow the royal family code & # 39; and. Worse, according to the sun, the mother even sharply criticized this tradition immortalized in the recent years, Kate Middleton.

The birth of their child Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wants to enjoy only two, as they are on the & # 39; have revealed in a statement: "Their Highnesses took a personal decision not to disclose their projects. The Duke and Duchess are ready to share this exciting new publicly.

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