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Audience Award at the 30th edition of Cinelatino Toulouse Dating in 2018 Sergio & Sergey, the third feature of the Cuban director Ernesto Serrano Daranas with screens. The satirical comedy, but the tale of solidarity and friendship, not to be missed.

Sergio (Thomas Cao) – Photo: Bodega / Mediaproducción, S.L.U RTV Comercial, ICAIC

There is "little movies that do not pay mine," reaching in theaters, thanks to the courage of several dystryb & # 39; yutarav and several operators. "Small films that do not pay mine," but can be newsworthy. Sergio & Sergey one of them. The third feature of the Cuban director Ernesto Serrano Daranas (Los Dioses Rotos, Chaly, Cuban childhood) The film immerses us in Cuba in the 1990s and is loosely based on a real adventure Sergei KrikalevThis Russian cosmonaut stayed eleven months aboard the space station Mir, which came into contact with the Cuban radio amateurs (1991/1992). The episode, which caused a documentary Romanian director Andrew Yuzhik. with this, Published in France in 1997. But Sergio & Sergey this is not a film about space exploration and, despite the delicious nod 2001: A Space Odyssey, it has little to do with Hollywood productions dealing with this theme, even if a good mix of archival materials and some special effects, invites the viewer to capture stunning pictures of Earth from space.

04_Ron Perlman, Peter © 2017 Mediaproducción, S.L.U RTV Comercial, ICAIC
Peter (Ron Perlman) – Photo: Bodega / Mediaproducción, S.L.U RTV Comercial, ICAIC

The director also used his own experiences as inspiration, this time he wrote n & # 39; plays and radio supplement their meager income on clandestine distillery set under his own roof! Sergio & Sergey Thus, there is in 1991, in Cuba, in Havana. Sergio (Thomas Cao) studied Marxist philosophy in Moscow. After graduation, he taught Marxist-Leninist philosophy in the university and to live in poverty, in an old building with his mother, Caridad (Ana Gloria Buduén) and his daughter, little Mariana (Eileen with Caridad Rodriguez). He still believes in the socialist ideal, but times have changed. The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and the collapse of the Soviet Union, called the ideological and economic crisis on the island and a major political crisis in the USSR. Sergio has written a book, but the publisher behind to publish it. He was also involved in translations, but now no one is interested in the Russian language. The only time he forgets about the reality of those where he indulges his passion for amateur radio, with whom he regularly communicates with American Peter (Ron Perlman – favorite actor Guillermo del Toro – also co-producer of the film … the first étasunienne Cuban co-production 60 years!), which has already been in contact with his father. And then one day he accidentally captures the frequency of the Mir space station and begins to interact with Sergei (Hector NOAS), astronaut (yet) forgotten Soviet orbital station. However, its activity disturbs authorities who monitor Sergio …

Sergey (Hector NOAS) – Photo: Bodega / Mediaproducción, S.L.U RTV Comercial, ICAIC

Appearance Ernest Daranas wants to review at this time, and the system in place. Social and political criticism, in which he shows the difficulties of daily life of Cubans, such as power outages, denial of food on the black market, but the lack of freedom and the complexity of creating, so the temptation to link symbolizes Ulises (Armando Miguel Gomez) who is busy on the terrace of his home-made boats. Nevertheless, the tone remains light, absurd comedy, poetry and nostalgia there. For satire, Sergio & Sergey beautiful parable about friendship, solidarity and fraternity. Of the three main actors, Thomas Cao, Hector NOAS and Perlman, he will also keep supporting roles, Caridad characters (Ana Gloria Buduén) mother keeps feet on the ground, which are not gene to tell his son that "lives on another planet," touching Mariana Ramiro (Mario Guerra) «spy» grotesque clown.
"A little movie that does not pay mine," but refreshing and, of course, to be seen immediately.

Sergio & Sergey Ernesto Daranas (Cuba, USA, Spain -Comédie- 2017 – 1:33). Thomas Kao, Hector NOAS, Ron Perlman, Eileen de la Caridad Rodriguez, AJ Buckley, Camilla ARTECHE, Ana Gloria Buduén.

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