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Cloud – Prix Greffulhe and Penelope: Two groups of the road classics Chantilly


Saint-Cloud – Prix Greffulhe and Penelope: In addition to the big event of the day the price of yeast, the other two groups will be on display this meeting May 1, at St. Cloud with Penelope and Greffulhe price jumps Price of Diana and jockey club.

St. Kl – Penelope Price: Sur & # 39; oznae test for the second exit Secret Walk

Mare will start from 2100 meters 3 prices Penelope Group 5, where they will seek to achieve success in this group Luminate 3. the opportunity to try a new level for the residents of Frederick Ross PHOCEENNE is that after a discrete debut in Cagnes-sur-Mer in January showed another person means that, winning his next two trips to the brilliant listed prices rose in May. Bearing that will attempt to cross the CARTIEM also coming to win his Class 1 on his back, and the only maiden Agnes linked to the environment Yutaka Take. The trio, which rely on the presence of two residents of Andre Fabre with WALK SECRET coming to a winning start in the competition for the same route of Saint-Cloud and novelist Wertheimer, one of five competing for what was still running in the competition this year and remain at fifth place at this level of price Condé Deline debt.

Saint-Cloud – Penelope Price: Retiring

1.Agnes – Yutaka Take

2.Cartiem – Cristian Demuro

3.Phocéenne – Christophe Saumilon

4.Secret Walk – Pierre-Charles Boudot 5.Romancière – Maxim Gaion

Saint-Cloud – Penelope Price: The last 5 winners

2018 Luminate – O. Peslier

2017: Sistercharlie – Guyon

2016: camprock – Guyon

2015: Queen's Jewel – Guyon

2014: Goldy Espony – Veron F.

Saint-Cloud – Grand Prix Greffulhe: Barry Pascal defends title with victory sound

With its status as a 2 Greffulhe price within the crowd gathered again with hungry pack of 5 competitors. The race won last year's study of man, which would have won easily in the Jockey club. His coach Barry Pascal will again be part of this time with a representative of silk Jean-Louis Bouchard SOUND OF VICTORY comes his return to open his account in the price of the King Bridge. Facing him STARMANIAC (photo Scoopdyga), son of SEA Star also coming to make a triumphant return to the Tourbillon prices, which include third Goya senor. Finally, the two participants that they have evolved in groups with the fifth price Ochs PAPPALINO fourth price Francois Mathet for his return, and Fabre Roman candles which just made his comeback in the price of Power where he managed to get up on the podium for the shaman and ROCKEMPEROR.

Saint-Cloud – Prix Greffulhe: starter

1.Goya Señora – Jerome Cabra

2.Sound Victory – Christophe Saumilon

3.Pappalino – Cristian Demuro

4.Roman Candle – Mikael Barzalona

5.Starmaniac – Maxim Gaion

Saint-Cloud – Prix Greffulhe: The last 5 winners

2018: Study of Human – S. Pasquier

2017: Recoletos – O. Peslier

2016 Cloth stars – Mr. Barzalona

2015: Sumbal – A. Atzeni

2014: Prince Gibraltar – S. Soumillon

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