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CMA CGM eSolutions, to scan the customer experience


CMA CGM, the world leader in shipping and logistics, to & # 39; is O CMA CGM eSolutions launch fully digital ecosystem, including online agencies and other channels of electronic commerce, such as EDI (electronic data interchange) and API ( application programming interfaces) that enable paperless data transfer between CMA CGM and its customers.

The vast majority of reservations CMA CGM through its e-commerce solutions, half through a web-based platform group, which allows customers to adhere to the carrier of the digital route 100%.

new opportunities

Over the years, CMA CGM has developed and launched a range of digital solutions such as planning research, quotes, reservations, delivery instructions, documentation, delivery control panel. Today, the group is strengthening its service offering with new functionality available in the regional or global level, and which will be progressively deployed on different platforms brands group.

These features include ePricing for real-time access to customer rates and instant quotes; eBooking, overhaul of the booking process (5 steps 1) is now easier, more intuitive and enter; eBill bill of lading, which dematerialize the bill of lading (shipping contract between the shipper and transport companies); eTrackin, to visualize the position of the cargo into the sea customer on the map with an updated arrival; electronic payments to pay freight bills online; and finally, eCharges, to evaluate costs in real-time, with the trainer for Demerezha prosecution and detention.

As part of its eSolutions, CMA CGM will also offer a priority loading of customers on its digital platform that allows them to secure their place on board. First proposed for routes linking India to Europe, the priority of the load will be gradually opened in other countries and other brands of the group.

With a safe place on board for their containers, customers can more effectively plan their supply chain, improving their performance and efficiency for its customers. Rodolfo Saad, CEO of CMA CGM Group, is determined by scanning as a strategic priority for the development team.


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